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Ubbe is the son of Ragnar and he will be the one to see the light of his father’s dream, which has not wowed many viewers. Ubbe is in fact willing to open up to the different, to imagine a future in which it is no longer necessary to resort to the violence that had always characterized the TV series (and which had earned it many followers). But what do we know about the actor who plays Ubbe, do you think he is a familiar face?

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What do we know about John Patrick Smith?

Of the actor’s private life John Patrick Smith not much is known, a reason could be his extreme confidentiality. It was born in Scotlandin 1989 and attends St. Columbia but after 13 years the family, following a trip to Australia, decides to move (almost) literally to the other side of the world.

Brisbane, the capital and most populous city of Australia, becomes the new home of the Smiths and here the young John is encouraged by a friend to try the road of acting. His career as an actor is worth a lot of apprenticeship and John starts from the very first activity of those who enter this world: advertising. He also appears in H2O2006 children’s series, in the (un) guise of a surfer, alongside Caribe Heine, Claire Holt And Phoebe Tonkin. Shortly thereafter she starred in the Australian series Why Me? and in the soap opera Home and Away.

In 2008, Smith plays Heinrich in the thriller The Ruins. In the film, a group of friends’ pleasant vacation takes a turn for the worse when, along with another tourist, they stumble upon a remote archaeological dig in the jungle where something evil lives in the ruins.

But working as an actor is not enoughfor this reason starts working as a worker. The soap opera will change his life in 2009 Neighbors in which he plays the role of Andrew Robinson. When Jordan is offered the role of Andrew Robinson on the soap, the actor is in the hospital. He will later reveal that while he was working as a construction worker and was lifting the floor, some of the concrete rose and crashed in his face. His nose swelled and infected, so he was kept on an antibiotic drip for a week. He got the call confirming that he got the part while I was still in hospital in Queensland and that he should be in Melbourne by 7am the next day.

But the stories of his engagement don’t end there. Andrew was supposed to be a young man he grew up in Brazil, but John Patrick Smith’s accent had other plans for the character. Since John’s Scottish accent was too pronounced, the showrunners had to change the character’s background by asking him to try to polish the accent to make himself understood by the rest of the cast. Let’s imagine that the Australian and Scottish accents have created an interesting meeting point. During the filming of the soap Smith lives at the home of his colleague and co-star Chris Milliganwho plays the role of Kyle Canning.

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The big screen and Vikings

In 2012 John Patrick Smith left Neighbors and the following year he appeared for the first time on the big screen in the film produced and directed by Angelina Jolie by title Unbroken. John plays the role of Cliff, Australian prisoner who is taken to a Japanese POW camp during the Second World War. At this point the balance of his accent shifted in favor of the Australian.

In 2015 Smith appears in the BBC series Banisheddrama series created by Jimmy McGovern. The series is inspired by events that took place in the eighteenth century, when Great Britain founded a penal colony in Australia.

In 2016 John Patrick Smith officially joins the cast of Vikings following an unusual audition. The actor is in Australia while casting for Vikings, so he decides to send in a taped audition. The recording is so compelling that he is called in to rehearse “live” two days later. John plays the role of Ubbe, the son of Ragnar who grew up listening to tales of his father’s courage and glory. Despite his youth he is strong and assertive, able to track Floki through the wilderness and smart enough to spot him in the water. His loyalty to his father is indisputable along with his loyalty to his brothers and especially to his stepbrother Bjorn, much to his mother’s chagrin.

Many fans have noticed an amazing similarity between Jordan Patrick Smith and his Viking father Travis Fimmel. The similarity became more evident in episode 28 of the series, when King Ecbert (Linus Roache) ties and cages Ragnar to be handed over to King Aelle (Ivan Kaye). During the journey, Ragnar remembers his youth. Unfortunately, that journey leads to the end of Ragnar. But the flashbacks gave the creator Michael Hirst a chance to remind viewers of better days for the Lothbrok family and a young Ragnar. In the first season Fimmel sported a similar appearance that his Australian colleague, Smith, now has on the show.

After securing the role John moves into Ireland where he continues to be one of the protagonists of the much acclaimed historical series.

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