John Wick: 5 reasons why he is so loved

The John Wick saga is very successful because it combines a number of factors that make more and more people want to go to the movies to see the new installments.

In 2014 he released the first John Wick film, which at the time was a modest success, as it only raised $86 million, but since it cost $20 million, it was profitable. Furthermore, fans began asking for a sequel at the same time that Keanu Reeves’ film career began to rise from its ashes.

Then in 2017 they trained for a sequel that got $171 million, so they hurried to make a third one that came out in 2019 and got 327 million. In 2023, we may be able to see a fourth and it surpasses them all with $406 million. So it is interesting to try to understand the basis of its success.

john wick
john wick

Which is why we love John Wick so much.

high quality action.

The John Wick saga is known for its action sequences and fight choreography. The battles are intense and exciting. Furthermore, they are often performed without the use of over-the-top special effects. This makes the end result more realistic and awe-inspiring. All of this has attracted audiences looking for authentic action movies, in an era where there are too many superhero stories featuring impossible moments.

Interesting character.

Keanu Reeves stars as a retired hitman who seeks revenge after his dog is killed and his car stolen. Throughout the saga, more of his past and motivations are revealed, making him more interesting to the audience. Plus, the villains are equally intriguing, which helps keep the audience interested.

film world

Something interesting about the John Wick saga is that it’s set in a world of hit men and high-level criminals that have their own rules and codes of conduct. This reality apart from the general public has been carefully recreated in the films and has inspired many fans to immerse themselves in the mythology of the franchise. Plus, they’ll be expanding on it all with The Continental TV series, giving the films an even deeper backstory. Without forgetting that they will make a spin-off titled Ballerina (2024), starring Ana de Armas.

Keanu Reeves.

The lead actor who brought John Wick to life is one of the audience favourites. His performance is intense and emotional, and his screen presence is charismatic. Furthermore, Keanu Reeves is known for being a kind and thoughtful person in real life, which has inspired many fans to admire him beyond his movie characters. You can read hundreds of stories on the internet where he selflessly helps others.

visual style.

The John Wick saga is also known for its striking photography. Movies are full of cinematic sequences with dramatic lighting and artistic shots. This creates an aesthetic that appeals to the audience and makes the series stand out from other similar action movies.

Criticism of John Wick 4
john wick

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