John Wick, Keanu Reeves will shoot a spin-off with Ana De Armas

The actor himself revealed that Dancer it will slot into the timeline between the third and fourth films in the series

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The main character of Dancer you’ve already seen it, even if you don’t remember it. Rooney to star in upcoming spin-off directed by Len Wiseman in fact he appeared in a scene of John Wick 3 – Parabellum, in which the titular of the series spoke with the “Headmistress” during a ballet recital. It goes without saying that the protagonist of the long-awaited side chapter of the saga was hiding among those dancers and that, on the occasion, she didn’t talk about her. She was in fact almost an extra. This time the character promises to go less unnoticed, also because the talented Cuban actress will give him body and voice Ana De Armas. The interpreter of John Wick has recently spoken about the collateral chapter of the saga Keanu Reevesrevealing some interesting information for fans.

Balla balla ballerina (between the third and fourth films)

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The presence of Keanu Reeves in Dancer has been enthusiastically received by fans, although it is not yet clear how much the character of John Wick will actually be in the film. What is certain is that Reeves is certainly a well-informed person on the film, to the point of being able to give away some spoilers. The star of matrix for example, he clarified that the new female spin-off should not be considered a sequel to the next one John Wick 4. The story of Dancer it rather fits between the third and fourth film, giving rise to speculation on how much this operation is actually collateral to the main saga. The year that is about to begin will be flourishing for fans of the series who will presumably see John Wick and Ballerina arrive after not too many months, at least according to the “deep throat” Keanu Reeves.

Another killer, no less ruthless


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Ana De Armas will play Rooney, a character who, according to rumors, appears to be almost a female carbon copy of John Wick. The dancer in the title is in fact a ruthless assassin, animated (like the famous alter-ego) by a desire for revenge. It would seem that the protagonist of this spin-off saw her whole family killed and that her primary interest is to identify those responsible for the slaughter, and then obviously repay them with the same coin. To give the sensation of a pleasant déjà vu there are then several rentrées: in fact, in the cast we will find, in addition to the aforementioned Keanu Reeves/Wick, also Angelica Houston (in the role of the director) and even Lance Reddick as Charon. Waiting for new updates we can say that this “new dance” of the John Wick saga promises to be more lively than a waltz.

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