Johnny Depp against the sentence: no to 2 million for Amber Heard

The actor is not satisfied with the verdict that saw him as the landslide winner in the dispute against his ex-wife: he asks that his sentence be annulled for words that he says he never uttered

Johnny Depp wants to win across the board. After obtaining a favorable verdict, which erased any shadow of his alleged domestic violence against Amber Heard, he has now appealed to the Virginia Court of Appeals for that part of the sentence which condemned him to compensate his ex-wife with 2 Millions of dollars. Against the 10 to which she was sentenced. photo | video

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, it’s not (yet) over: the actress tries to get paid legal fees – look

THE PROCESS – To understand the terms of the question, we need to take a few steps back. Johnny took Amber to court over an op-ed the ex wrote about Washington Post in 2018, in which I declared myself a victim of domestic violence. An article that had brought her to the altar of symbols of abused women and him to the decline of a career, isolated and estranged like the plague. But Amber defamed him because, Johnny swears, she was the one who beat up in the couple. For this she asked for 50 million dollars in damages. Amber reacted by demanding even 100 of her, considering Johnny the architect of the smear campaign unleashed against her on her social networks after her lawyer Adam Waldman had defined on the Daily Mail her domestic violence allegations “a hoax”.

Amber Heard is bankrupt: she sells the villa in the desert (where she lived with her daughter) to compensate Johnny Depp. And new documents appear that… – look

THE APPEAL – It is known how it ended: Amber was ordered to compensate Johnny with 10 million dollars which she does not have and which led her to declare bankruptcy. After selling her house, she filed an appeal and was seen in Spain with her daughter, it is not known whether for a permanent transfer. But now Johnny too has filed a 44-page appeal, quite well-founded, precisely because her sentence concerns precisely what Waldman told the Daily Mail, phrases that the star never uttered. Now, it is clear, his lawyers explain, that the actor “cannot be held responsible for Mr. Waldman’s statements, from a legal point of view” only because Waldman was his lawyer. “Mr. Waldman is an independent consultant, – the appeal writes – whose alleged illegal conduct is not automatically attributable to Mr. Depp”.

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