Johnny Depp. Amber Heard. The court agreed with the actor about the money

As part of the divorce settlement between Depp and Heard, the actress received an amount of $ 7 million. Heard promised to donate all this money to the American non-profit organization American Civil Liberties Union and the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

Court verdict in favor of Johnny Depp

According to Johnny Depp’s attorneys, Amber Heard’s declaration was from the outset a carefully calculated lie that tipped the scales to the disadvantage of the actor. The lawyers also revealed that in 2019 Depp’s financial advisor was contacted by representatives of a children’s hospital in Los Angeles, informing that Heard had not made any payments to the facility’s account.

According to the court’s verdict, the ACLU will have to disclose documents showing that the actress actually made the payment. According to the actor’s representatives, Heard kept the entire amount for herself. Depp, his lawyers said, is pleased with this verdict.

This is another piece of good news for Johnny Depp about his long legal battle with his ex-wife. In March 2021, he lost to the tabloid “The Sun”, which he accused of defamation. Heard was the main tabloid witness, and a court rejected Depp’s appeal.

If it turns out that Amber Heard lied about the payment to the ACLU and the children’s hospital, the court will take appropriate legal action and the actress may even face jail.

Depp and Heard’s marriage was short, but they were loud

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp met in 2011 on the set of Rum Diaries. In love with a young actress, Depp left his longtime partner Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has two children.

The couple got married in 2015, but their marriage lasted a year and a half. The actress accused Depp of violence and filed for divorce, and photos of her bruised face went to the media. The divorce case ended in 2017, but did not end the battle of the former spouses.

In 2018, Heard published an article in The Washington Post calling herself “a victim of domestic violence” and saying that Depp had abused her before her marriage. In response, Depp also revealed the photos (he had black eyes and scratches on his body), claiming that Heard abused him and threw heavy objects at him while under the influence of drugs, alcohol and medication.

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