Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial: who will win?

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Who will win in the trial that Johnny Depp filed against ex-wife Amber Heard? The experts contacted by the American media agree on one fact: if he too should lose, she will not be the winner. But here are their opinions. Photo Ap

This week the trial he sees Johnny Depp against ex-wife Amber Heard he stopped. Fault of Judge Penney S. Azcarate. That, even before the trial began, he had announced a previous commitment that cannot be postponed during the week that is ending. It will recover on Monday morning, Virginia time (mid afternoon with us). And it should go on for another two weeks or so. These days have thus served the various experts contacted by the American media to answer the questions of the questions: who will win?


They could both lose

The answer to this question is twofold. In the sense that even if Johnny Depp loses the libel suit, it doesn’t mean Amber Heard will be the winner. According to what the website of the Cnn, jurors are faced with the choice of who to believe. Se al divo, by re-adjusting the image of her. Or “choose to award a huge sum of money to Depp’s ex-wife, Amber Heard. If they accepted her testimony about the violence and abuse allegedly inflicted on her by the plaintiff. Another real possibility is that both contenders, on the other hand, leave the court empty-handed ».

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The crux is the testimony of Amber Heard: is it credible?

The center seems to be the testimony of the protagonist of Aquaman. “Amber Heard took a riskier approach,” explained the trial counsel Huntley Taylora Insider. “His claims of the abuse he says he suffered are very extreme. If the jurors believe her, she has a clear path to victory, as they would heavily punish Depp. But if the jurors don’t believe her, they’ll punish her. For this reason, her credibility seems fundamental for the decisions of the jurors ».

Many, however, believe that Amber Heard has exaggerated: more a performance than a testimony. “She is not sincere and most of what she is saying is a lie,” she said Susan Constantinebody language expert, a Fox News. Referring to the very emotional testimony Amber Heard gave last week. “She acts so badly that I don’t know how she’s going to get a role in a movie after this. Heard’s facial expressions and body movements are incongruous and so exaggerated as to be off the charts. You tell too many details unrelated to violence that trauma victims generally do not remember. Especially if more than six years have passed since the facts ».

Johnny Depp’s real purpose

The opinion of the experts consulted by Variety. Which they defined the process as “of little legal significance”. Because, it is the judgment, it is about a couple who is remaking the divorce case in public. For Johnny Depp’s lawyers it will be very difficult to prove the defamation of the article written by the actress and which is the basis of this circus.

But perhaps this was never the aim. “This lawsuit was filed for Johnny Depp to win the public opinion trial. He is using the courts as a platform to make his version of events heard, ”says the show’s lawyer Ahouraian Miter. She is asked, given that she has followed every minute of the trial, if it is a strategy that can work. The answer is lapidary: “Neither side will win.”


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