Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, however it goes, it will be a failure

It was 1989 when Michael Douglas And Kathleen Turner in the shoes of the Rose spouses they had passed the desire to get married to millions of spectators of the big screen, in a notorious film with tragicomic and grotesque veins that told of a divorce attempt seasoned by heavy incompatibility, abuse, domestic violence and a crescendo of quarrels that even culminated in the death of the protagonists. If it is true that the warlike overseas family sagas, from Dallas to Dynasty up to Beautifulhave always received great interest from the public who often identify with the protagonists, it is understandable how the cause between Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard amplified by an unprecedented media echo, it can embody reality that far exceeds cinematic fiction.

Depp and Heard, engaged since 2012 and married in 2015, have been divorced since 2016 and that separation had earned the ex-wife of the “Captain Jack Sparrow“Well 7 million dollars, but today the bone of contention is an article published in 2018 by Heard herself on Washington Post where the woman, while never explicitly mentioning the actor’s name, had defined herself as a public figure who had suffered domestic abuse. Depp’s attorneys asked Heard for $ 50 million in compensation defamation because according to their client, Disney, the production company of the successful franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”, would not have renewed his contract precisely because of the release of that article and, in response, the legal team of his ex-wife counterattacked asking in turn for $ 100 million for the repeated psychological and physical abuse, beatings and violence that Heard claims to have suffered throughout their relationship, including their honeymoon.

If in the eyes of many commentators Amber Heard at the stand would be using her best acting skills disguising and by staging crying and despair that are not credible and above all not supported by evidence that certifies the actual existence of the bruises and signs of violence that the ex-spouse would have inflicted on her, it is also true that Johnny Depp enjoys a popularity and a much larger following of fans than Heard, millions of followers and hundreds of groupies that on the web and behind the gates of the court they have already established the verdict in favor of their favorite, without counting the followers among the citizens who attend the hearings with the chronicle of these hours that tells us about the attempts of the judge Penney Azcaratea former Marine officer, to quell spirits and threats to clear the courtroom to calm the riots.

On the one hand, Johnny Depp, filmed in a video shot by Amber Heard with a mobile phone while in the throes of a violent fit of anger, he destroys everything that comes within sight of him in the kitchen in the early morning and instead of making a latte he pours himself yet another glass of alcohol, on the other side always Johnny Depp who says he brought back one deep wound to a finger of the hand following the launch of a bottle of vodka by Heard, testimony that seems reliable for the more sober and controlled way with which Depp reported it compared to the facts told in the exaggeratedly dramatic depositions of his ex-wife.

It is very likely that the truth, as often happens, lies in the middle and that we are faced with a very sad ending to a toxic relationship, a sick love fruit of the personality of both protagonists. As one of the witnesses, Laurel Anderson, former psychologist of the couple, said, the bond between Depp and Heard was marked by mutual abuse and if it is true that the woman had shown her bruises and had confessed that she could not find the strength and courage to leave a man whom, despite everything, she loved, it is also true that sometimes it was she who struck first when she was felt victim of mistreatment and harassment. According to the psychologist who had treated the spouses for a couple therapy carried out in 2015, both Depp and Heard have developed violent behavior and addictions from alcohol and drugs because both victims of child abuse at the hands of their parents.

The trial that is taking place in Fairfax Virginia will have a rather short duration and in the meantime everyone is wondering who will come out the winner. In my opinion, at least from a moral point of view, there will be no victory and both will be defeated just like in the “War of the Roses”, with a certainly less dramatic ending but with the horror and sadness of a conjugal daily life made up of alcohol and drug abuse, denials and awareness that resulted in a mutual responsibility of violence and mistreatment.

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