Johnny Depp and his 20 best looks

Johnny Depp and his 20 best looks (aside from the latest)

Maybe that’s not a nice thing to say. I admit. But there are those who age well and those who do not. And Johnny Depp is part, by right, of the second team. In my defense I will say that I am not talking about more or less visible signs of aging, loss of tone, brightness, etc. Getting older is not the main topic and we don’t care. I’m talking about charm.

And if men usually keep it, indeed sometimes enrich it, despite the passing of the years, Johnny Depp is running out of steam. It will be the complex events that have happened to him in recent years (see the long dispute in court with his ex-wife Amber Heard), but to see him in the last image taken during the presentation of Jeff Beck’s new album, it is hard to recognize him . It is hard to “match” him with the images we have of him, both in the role of the famous pirate Jack Sparrow, and in the less Caribbean ones of the past, alongside his wonderful companions: from Vanessa Paradis to Wynona Ryder passing through Gwyneth Paltrow.

It is hard to understand why we liked it so much. Where did that man with the high cheekbones, the penetrating gaze and the slightly cursed air go? Here, now Johnny Depp is something else. Of course, it must be said that, in the past, he has changed a lot of looks, alternating long hair, short hair, bob, goatee, tufts … So the margin to see it again with another look that brings to light the charm that we liked so much, there is.

In the meantime, however, we want to remember him in all his best looks and in all his many transformations.

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