Johnny Depp back in court, but this time without Amber Heard

While Amber Heard fled to Spain with her daughter earlier this month, Johnny Depp continued to enter and exit the courts. In the year that he saw him in the spotlight for his much-talked-about legal battle with his ex-wife, now it’s music a cause him some trouble.

Before Judge Depp did not go alone, but in the company of his guitarist Jeff Beck to answer the accusation of plagiarism made by a professor: the folklorist Bruce Jackson. The latter has in fact accused Depp and Beck of having plagiarized a poem entitled Hobo Benwhich appeared in his book Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me. Jackson on his part does not claim to be the author, however he claims that this was his told by a man named Slim Wilsonwho was an inmate of the Missouri State Penitentiary at the time.

The two colleagues, although we covertly admitted that some parts of the offending song can mirror the poem, they define their original work and they intend that the whole thing be recognized as such, having not committed any copyright infringement. For them Jackson pleaded false, bordering on scamin order to reach a plea bargain and a payment by the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pending further developments, we are sure that, at the moment, it is not money that worries the actor. A few days ago, in fact, Johnny Depp sold the house of the famous finger accident, which he shared with Heard to a record figure!

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