Johnny Depp complains in the media: Hollywood is boycotting me

For several years, there has been a real court battle between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, who accuses him of mental and physical violence. The Sun has even hailed Depp as “the ladies boxer.” And although the star’s ex-partners Vanessa Paradis and Wynon Ryder defended him in court, saying that he had never used violence against them and was always caring and affectionate, the consequences of Heard, Depp’s accusations still weigh on his image.

MGM doesn’t want to release a movie with Depp?

The latest film starring the star “Minamata” has yet to be released in the US. Its director claims that MGM is burying the film due to Depp’s unresolved legal issues, while MGM himself says the film is on the schedule for future releases, but a date has not yet been set. The film tells the true story of a photographer who ends up in the Japanese town of Minamata, whose inhabitants have been ill and dying for years and eat fish contaminated with mercury from a corporation factory that ignores safety rules.

Johnny Depp: Hollywood is boycotting me

Depp doesn’t understand why a movie that tells a story that matters to so many people is boycotted in the United States due to the actor’s personal problems. – We looked these people in the eye and promised that the film would be respectful and not exploit anyone. I believe we have kept our end of the deal, but those who came later should also. And why has this happened? Because Hollywood is boycotting me? For one man, an actor who has been in an unpleasant and messy situation for the past few years? – the actor asked in an interview.

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