Johnny Depp hard on the attacks of Amber Heard. He gave an interview to a Polish weekly

Johnny Depp
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On September 21, Janusz Wróblewski’s interview with the American actor Johnny Depp was published on the pages of the Polityka weekly. Gwiazdor responded, inter alia, to questions about the boycott in Hollywood and his conflict with ex-wife Amber Heard. The actor does not mince words and says directly that he was framed!

Called a “wife-bender” by the tabloids, stripped of a role in several films, forgotten by the industry that turned its backs on him … Johnny Depp a few years ago probably would not have foreseen such a course of events even in his worst nightmares. Unfortunately, the actor has recently found out that even the biggest star can fall off its pedestal – regardless of whether she deserves it or not.

Accused of beating his wife, Johnny Depp tried to fight for a good name for a long time, but the British court disagreed with his arguments, after many months of court battle agreeing the tabloid, which called the actor WIFE.

What does one of the most popular movie stars say about the whole affair today?

Johnny Depp gave an interview to the Polish weekly “Polityka”. During the conversation, the actor did not avoid the topic of his war with his ex-wife. Johnny Depp thinks he was set up by Amber Heard!

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Johnny Depp in “Polityka”: I was set up!

During the conversation with Janusz Wróblewski, Johnny Depp did not avoid difficult topics, such as the one about his divorce and the court war with his ex-wife.

Despite the loss in court, Johnny Depp maintains his current position that Amber Heard is lying from the beginning.

How does he comment on the lost trial with the British “The Sun”, who called him a muggler?

I assess the verdict as surreal. I will consistently strive to prove that I am not the perpetrator, but allegations of physical and psychological abuse are nothing but a planned fraud

– says the former star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

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Johnny Depp on the Amber Heard accusations

The actor also referred to the words of his ex-wife, who accuses him of taking drugs and drunkenness. Johnny Depp denies having problems with alcohol and drugs. He admits, however, that he used to seek solace in stimulants. However, it was still in school times.

My mother was depressed, my parents divorced. I couldn’t cope emotionally at school, the whole world was collapsing

– says Johnny Depp in an interview with the weekly “Polityka”. The actor admitted that although he sought an escape in alcohol and drugs as a teenager, he has not had a problem with this since the birth of his daughter.

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Who is telling the truth: Johnny Depp or his ex-wife?

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