Johnny Depp: His heartfelt tribute to his dead friend

Saturday June 24, 2023 Johnny Depp wanted to share some thoughts about his friend Jeff Beck, who went missing in early 2023. The British guitarist should have celebrated his 79th birthday. An Instagram post that has impressed many internet users.

a notable absence. British guitarist Jeff Beck died on Tuesday, January 10, of meningitis at the age of 78, his family announced in a statement. “On behalf of his family, it is with great sadness that we share the news that Jeff Beck has passed away. After a sudden bout of bacterial meningitis, He passed away peacefully yesterday.”, The musician’s official website reports for eight Grammy Awards. Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp were close friends.

The two actors reunited on the stage of the Olympia in Paris on July 25, 2022. Together they played tracks from their joint album, 18. When the news of the missing of the guitarist was announced, the hero Pirates of the Caribbean “was completely devastated”quoting the magazine People, ,He was by her side along with other rock stars”, Then pointed to the magazine. As a reminder, in recent years, the guitarist had become a major support for the actor, especially after the world of cinema turned its back on Amber Heard following domestic violence allegations.

Johnny Depp doesn’t forget his friend

On Friday, June 9, 2023, Johnny Depp celebrated his 60th birthday. While in Romania with friends and fans, the actor gave a musical performance. This is how he dedicated David Bowie’s song, heroesTo my friend Jeff Beck. “I must dedicate this song to one of our heroes”, Vanessa Paradis’ former partner announced, before revealing the name of her missing friend “Mr. Jeff Beck”, Heartfelt Tribute On which the mark of souls was marked. Nevertheless, on Saturday June 24, 2023, the legendary guitarist should have celebrated his 79th birthday.

and it’s on Instagram The actor who received a standing ovation for 7 minutes paid tribute to Jeff Beck. “Happy birthday my dear brother Jeff. You are always with me. You are my universe!!!”, wrote Johnny Depp. A photo has been published to complete the caption. Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp are working as mechanics. Hood open, they appear to have replaced a part. both are automotive focused, A publication that does not go unnoticed because it already has more than 700,000 likes and many comments. Which gives a good image of Jack Sparrow’s interpreter-in-chief.

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