Johnny Depp in the movie about the BIG murder of Notorious

Johnny Depp has had a hard time lately, but all indications are that he is bouncing off the bottom. It is just entering the cinemas City of Lies from 2018, in which the actor played one of the main roles.

Johnny Depp returns to theaters

The latest production trailer has just flown into the network Saban Films. The image under the title City of Lies tells about the murder of the rapper Biggie Smalls, which is famous Notriousa BIG. The theme of the murder is also there Tupacassociated with death Biggie. The main role is played there by none other than Johnny Depp, and became his film partner Forrest Whitaker. The production will hit theaters in March – finally, as its distribution has been suspended for almost three years. Allegedly, it was all due to the ongoing lawsuits and lawsuits against Depp – although there is also talk of the unofficial “endeavors” of the Los Angeles police. Nevertheless, the movie is making its way back to theaters. Does the actor revive his role?

Johnny Depp is looking for the killer of Notarious in the City of Lies
City of Lies, 2018

Johnny Depp in 90s style

What do we expect? A good movie or a good role? A question should also be asked: how salable is the topic that the director undertook?
Brad Furman? Does anyone else fancy a homicide Notorious and Tupac and when will the topic be considered exhausted? On Netflix On March 1, a document about Biggie, but will the crime story based on the rapper’s biography, with a negligible share of hip-hop in the soundtrack, convince the audience?

City Of Lies – Official Teaser Trailer (2021)

To judge, you must of course see it first. I am personally curious how the film, which has managed to fall out of its own, will do well in the midst of cinematic novelties. I also hope so Johnny Depp will appear on screens more often – speculations about its participation in production are beginning Tim Burton about Wednesday Addams. He would play her father there Gomezand that both gentlemen are friends and have worked together on many projects, it seems more than likely.

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