Johnny Depp is being bullied in Hollywood? The director of his film accuses the studio!

Johnny Depp and Andrew Levitas, director of the movie Minamata
Author: LLUIS GENE / AFP / East News

Did Johnny Depp give up the promotion of his film because of Johnny Depp’s personal problems? Andrew Levitas accuses the record company of sabotage. In his opinion, Depp’s troubles contributed to the burying of the movie “Minamata”! Is Johnny Depp really being bullied in Hollywood?

After losing the lawsuit with his ex-wife, Johnny Depp lost several important roles. Due to the conflict with Amber Heard, the actor said goodbye to his character of Grindelwald in the movie “Fantastic Beasts”. It is also known that he will not appear in the next parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. But that’s not the end of his troubles! What’s more – it seems that all those who dared to continue working with him suffer from Depp’s problems!

The director of “Minamata” accuses the studio of burying his film because of Johnny Depp’s starring in it. Andrew Levitas wrote an open letter to the owners of MGM studio. The creator does not mince words.

Johnny Depp persecuted in Hollywood?

The film “Minamata” recently premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. After the first reviews, it seemed that the story of the scandal with the leakage of dangerous chemicals into the Japanese Minamata Bay, it had a chance to become one of the most important films of the year. But none of that, because according to Andrew Levitas, the label gave up promoting the work! The reason was to play the main role in Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp will remain a “spouse”. The court officially refused to appeal against …

Johnny Depp in the movie “Minamata” he plays the role of a photographer who tries to unmask the scandal with chemicals being poured into the bay. When the actor started working on the set, no one knew yet that the court would officially allow him to be called a “martyr”. Meanwhile, after Johnny’s defamation lawsuit against the British tabloid, many people cut themselves off from the actor.

But no Andrew Levitas. The director of the film “Minamata” now accuses the company of “burying” the film due to private troubles Deppa, deprives the families of the victims 60 years ago of the chance to publicize the scandal.

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