Johnny Depp is finally on Instagram and has a special message

We would never have thought to see such a thing. Because, of all the stars that are held deliberately away from social media, the last that you’d expect to see open a profile Instagram is him. Yes, Johnny Depp has a official account all of its own. See it to believe it.

All about the coronavirus. Was this global pandemic and unprecedented to push the actor to a step which he did not even believe he would have ever done. And in a few hours has reached 2 million followers. With just two split a photo and a video.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp in his first photo on Instagram.

Before a photo. Him, sitting on a wooden bench in the one that has all the air of being a wine cellar. The candles burning on the coffee table in front of. Gypsy style is unmistakable. Then a video. Seen by nearly 3 million people. 8 minutes medium, a stream-of-consciousness in which he speaks of many things. Including a reference, more or less veiled, to the situation with the ex-wife Amber Heard. Which is still due two years from the divorce. Dance In a lot of money. But also credibility and reputation. Here are some extracts.

I never did and I don’t think I had a particular reason to join a social media so far. But this is the time to open a dialogue, because the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused tragedies immense damage to the lives of the people“says Johnny Depp. Explaining the social devastation that this Covid-19 is carrying, especially in the midst of the community more fragile. “But our hearts are not chained, and through the care and the mutual help we can do it. At this time, while it seems that he is speaking to me the same, I hope to reach many of you, to pass some time and if you can bear another message of positivity, here I am. Above all else: you’re well, stay safe, been indoors of your homes“.

johnny depp vanessa paradis

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Photo: Getty

The idea of quarantine of Johnny Depp, however, is also another. “We must use this time to stay close to those you love. And do not succumb to the monotony of this quarantine. We need to continue to be curious and learn. Because today is today and no one will reimburse us domai for now that we have wasted. We need to create today, something that will benefit ourselves and also the others tomorrow“.

A lesson he tried to teach his sons, Lily Rose and Jack, born out of a long relationship with the singer and actress French Vanessa Paradis. “I remember vividly, when my kids were growing up, but that was the day that I said, ‘ dad, I’m bored. And my answer was always the same: boredom is not allowed, there is always something to do. Always. Draw, read, paint, think, learn, make a film with your phone, it sounds something and if you don’t know play an instrument, learn. And if you don’t have a tool, build it. There is definitely something in the house that makes you make noise. Records of what you produce. You write a song. Because the purpose of music is to make the casino. And disturb the neighbors, of course. Listen to new music, that you’re not used to it. Keep the mind occupied. We will emerge from this situation“.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp in Berlin 2020. Ap Photo

Johnny Depp then invites all to listen to what he played with his friend, the guitarist Jeff Beck. “In the last couple of years I have had the incredible honor of being able to record an album with my absolute hero of the guitar, and Jeff Beck. He and I we recorded this song a year, maybe a year and a half ago. Isolation, of the sublime John Lennon. And his prophetic words are pure poetry. And to Jeff and me make think of what we are feeling in this moment: isolation, fear, and the risks of existential to our world. We hope that in some way can help you at this time“.

But it is in the final greetings that Johnny Depp lets go to a “more personal note”, as the called him. And the reference to the ex-wife Amber Heard – never mentioned – and the court cases that are still engaging, it seems rather clear. “Thank you for having been to feel. But before I go, allow me one more personal note. Thank you all for your kindness, your unwavering support and your strength in these years. I’m touched, words can’t express how much. Talk to you soon, in the meantime, are you well“.


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