Johnny Depp is full of followers with the cover in Isolation

Johnny Depp with her charm, evocative and mysterious, he landed 5 days ago on Instagram and has been since the early moments a success worldwide. In a short time his followers have beaten all records, and his post number 4 has reserved more than one surprise. The global pandemic and new has propelled the actor to a step which he did not even believe he could do. In a few hours has reached 2 million followers. With just two split a photo and a video.

The post surreal Johnny Depp

The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” he is spending the lockdown to Plan-de-la-Tourhis vast mansion near Saint-Tropez. What is surprising in the videos posted by the artist Owensborois the climate of the surreal and the atmosphere from the refuge of pirates, that is the background to his Post, a kind of cave, the walls with stones decorated, a large number of odds and ends, among which we can see an old wine press, a bottle opener, and lots of candlesticks.

Johnny Depp ph. credit: Web
Johnny Depp ph. credit: Web

The cover of Isolation

Sent with love from Jeff Beck to me.”

This is the short comment of Johnny Depp, which appeared in the caption of his profile Instagram. So the actor, sharing the video of his third Post, he launched his new single, which sees him joined by Jeff Beck in cover of “Isolation” a song of John Lennon dated 1970. The cover of Depp and Beck was not chosen at random: the song, in fact, speaks of the problems that arise from loneliness, fear, and what then happens in people and in general of the whole world. These two soulmates the music have released their first song in a couple, a revisitation of a classic single by John Lennon: “Isolation”, dated 1970, but incredibly current. The song is revisited in a rock. The mold of the beatles, is indelible, and, in spite of the song has acquired a greater determination, however, that impression a little melancholy remains. What is striking, reading the text is its timeliness, aside from the title, in fact “Isolation” (Insulation), also other parts of the text are perfectly shifted to the present day.

Johnny Depp ph. credit: Web
Johnny Depp ph. credit: Web

The Post with the painting of the dog

In his fourth post of Instagram, Johnny Depp shows with behind the painting of his dog Mooo. So writes the actor in the comment of the Post:

The painting that I did on the wall is that of an old friend…my old dog Mooo, which unfortunately died when I was away and I miss him a lot

It is because Johnny Depp is an all-round Artist, is not only an actor but also a musician, film director, and painter. Thanks to this account, Instagram, brand-new, he is revealing all his talents, unknown to the majority of the public. The hollywood star now is going through a phase of rebirth, leaving finally behind the sad story of the legal controversy with the ex-wife Amber Heard. Behind his face an evocative and unique, who conveys the mystery and excitement lies an actor with a thousand genius.

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