Johnny Depp is honored with the Top Film Festival Award

Professionally, Johnny Deppcareer had deteriorated significantly since he resigned his important roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic beasts Franchises while his personal life has caught him in a series of catchy legal headlines of battles with ex-wife Amber Heard that are far from over.

His recent roles were not of the caliber the actor deserves, who until a few years ago was one of the most popular and highest-paid stars in business City of Lies after years on the shelf during a literary adaptation to be mixed for VOD I’m waiting for the barbarians I hardly saw the inside of the theater and the biographical drama director Minamata blew up the studio because it successfully buried the film due to Depp’s involvement.

However, the 58-year-old apparently still has a lot of supporters in business following the announcement that he will receive the Donostia Award this year, the San Sebastian Film Festival’s top honors award starring Ethan Hawke, Sigourney Weaver, Judy Dench, Penelope Cruz and Viggo Mortensen as previous laureates .

The festival takes place between September 17th and 25th, so maybe Johnny Depp This time he will perform in person after posing behind bars for a bizarre photo at his latest award, after he was awarded the title of Actor with Exceptional Visual Sensitivity by the Polish Cameraimage Festival. The fallen star’s career has been marked by roadblocks and obstacles lately, but even a cursory glance at the internet shows that she still has a legion of fans that will be circling next month.

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