Johnny Depp mourns his Russian romance

If there is one thing Vanessa Paradis is supposed to regret, it would be the end of Johnny Depp’s affair with Polina, an attractive brunette, who was accepted by their children, Lily-Rose and Jack.

This young woman would have dropped the 60-year-old actor, frightened by the war as the actor and his ex Amber Heard.

For some time, Vanessa Paradis has been supposed to feel a well-hidden sense of regret, especially after the father of her children was discovered in poor condition in her hotel room. The actor and musician reportedly lost consciousness after drinking large amounts of alcohol.

It would seem that Johnny Depp’s story with the seductive brunette, Polina Glen, does not leave him indifferent. This young woman, who would have been accepted by their children, would have finally left the 60-year-old actor.

While Johnny Depp was going through tumultuous times, entangled at the time in his media war with Amber Heard, Polina Glen’s love was a beacon of hope in his life. But the couple experienced an unexpected turn when the Russian dancer made the decision to leave Los Angeles and return to Russia, her native land.

The reasons for this sudden separation? According to someone close to Polina, she would have been frightened by all the media attention around Johnny, which would have ended up disturbing her.

Polina longed for a peaceful life, punctuated by romantic evenings and dance lessons. Unfortunately, Johnny’s life was far too rock’n’roll to match his expectations. Faced with this situation, Polina preferred to put an end to their relationship and leave the actor alone to face his demons. Although Johnny shouldn’t have any trouble finding love again given his status, we can’t help but wish a lot of courage to the one who agrees to share his life by his side.

For her part, Vanessa Paradis, the ex-companion of Johnny Depp and mother of his children, would not have been insensitive to this rupture. The situation would have left a certain taste of bitterness in his heart, perhaps awakening memories and emotions from the past, says a German media, which unearths this painful episode. A page turns for Johnny Depp, but love and regrets always seem to weave a thread between him and his former companions.

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