Johnny Depp “refuses” 300 million dollars: the reason

Let’s face it: Johnny Depp he played iconic, unforgettable roles that entered the collective imagination. Can we forget her association with Tim Burton? No, of course not. But there is perhaps a role that Johnny dressed in an incredible way, sewing it on himself, and that no one else could have made so famous: the Captain Jack Sparrow. Word got out that she was in talks to return to the role – for $ 300 million. But the rumors have been denied. And luckily.

Johnny Depp, the denial on the negotiations with Disney for the Pirates of the Caribbean

The saga of The Pirates of the Caribbean it’s a great classic. From the first film, alongside Orlando Bloom And Keira Knightleyas far as Salazar’s Revenge in 2017, it’s been years now. A franchise that has conquered the public, young and old, and which is now one of the cornerstones of cinema. But why has there been so much talk about the Depp’s return to his iconic role?

For five films, Johnny Depp and his Black Pearl they made us dream. A source had disclosed a Poptopic in recent days that there was a $ 300 million deal to return to sail the seas once again. After the victory in the trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, it would have been a coup for Johnny, if only for the ultra-millionaire salary.

The insider added that Disney absolutely wants to “fix” her relationship with Depp. But – unfortunately or fortunately – the actor’s spokesperson has categorically denied to Fox News Digital the return of Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Johnny Depp doesn’t want to go back to playing Jack Sparrow

“If Disney came to you with $ 300 million and a million alpacas, nothing in the world would induce you to come back to work with them on a new film. The Pirates of the Caribbean, right?”. This question was asked by Amber Heard’s attorney – Ben Rottenborn – at the trial in Virginia. Depp’s answer had left no room for any doubts already at the time. “Correct”. The actor, in fact, through his lawyer Camille Vasquez, explained of having felt betrayed by Disney.

Because it is time to move on

Yes, it made us dream. Yes, her character has entered the collective imagination. Who among us has never used one of her expressions? Who among us has never wanted to meet Jack Sparrow and go on an adventure? But it is time to move on, to close this chapter. After the story that saw him protagonist, Depp deserves something more than a return to the past with the flavor of “sop”.

New roles, new perspectives. As much as we fell in love with the Pirate, the years have inevitably passed and it’s time to look to the future, because settling into the past almost never leads to anything good. We are sure that Depp will be able to amaze, that he will return to the cinema, that he will resume acting. But he will do it in another capacity, and above all keeping his word and the dignity. Which is not at all obvious.

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