Johnny Depp replies to Amber Heard: “Does he still love me? He just wants to keep fighting”

He says Amber Heard: “I still love him”. He answers Johnny Depp: “He is not resigned, he just wants to keep fighting“. Another skirmish between the two actors. After the Fairfax County Court ruling in Virginia, after six weeks of trial and thirteen hours of deliberation in the council chamber, it was hard to imagine the media trial leaving no aftermath. He, Johnny Depp, is relaxing after the legal battle by playing with his friends, Jeff Beck first. She, Amber Heard, released a few days ago, on June 14, an interview with NBC in which she admitted: “I still love Johnny. I love him with all my heart ”. Thus the two protagonists of the trial of the stars face the period following the sentence. Ruinous, for Amber. You’re gonna have to pay Depp over eight million. Money that you, you have already made known, you do not have.

Obviously, Heard’s revelation got a lot of coverage in all media. And the ex-husband? He has not been silent about it. She replied. Although, evidently on the advice of his lawyers for her, she did so on an official note. Which they have verified word for word. Let’s read and analyze this answer. “Amber and her team of lawyers are reimagining the legal battle and it’s a shame because, while Johnny is trying to move on, therehe keeps repeating, re-imagining and rewriting on issues that have already been decided in court with an unequivocal verdict against him “.

Why are these words so harsh? Because Heard’s interview with the broadcaster doesn’t just contain a new statement of feelings towards “Jack Sparrow“. But also therea determination not to surrender to the evidence and to return to office. In particular, he explained that he has new elements in the drawer that could nail Depp and that he intends to use in the future. Which ones in particular? “Notes my analyst has been taking ‘live’ since 2011.” In those pages would be noted all the abuses of Depp: “From the beginning of the relationship”. It is clear: the actress and her lawyers are pondering the appeal. Although the media has revealed that Depp may also forgo compensation: “He’s happy to have regained her dignity, that was what he really cared about.”

In short, she continues in the game of its contradictions. He says he loves Johnny, but then he once again renews the accusations. Which were not believed in the courtroom. A juror, interviewed without revealing his name, explained it clearly. He said that during the panel discussion, he and colleagues perceived Amber’s statements as “crocodile tears”. No way. The actress again proposed herself as a victim: “I tried to make a broken relationship work as well as possible, but I couldn’t.” She talked about her future of her: “I want to be my little girl’s full-time mom Oonagh Paige, who is one year old ”. And she also spoke of that jury who did not believe her: “I don’t blame them, on the contrary I understand them”. What’s the reason? “Johnny is a much loved character and people think they know him: he’s a fantastic actor.”

Even social media, she explained, were hostile to her, with her ex-husband’s posts receiving 20 billion views: “I received unfair treatment. But I don’t care what people think of me or how they judge what was going on in my home, in my marriage. ” One admission: “I’ve done and said horrible things too, in what has been a bad and good relationship.” Deep’s response was cold: “She just wants to keep fighting”. Meanwhile, she devotes herself more to music than to cinema. Let’s remember: the star of “Pwrathful of the Caribbean”Performed a surprise performance on May 29 in Sheffield with guitarist Jeff Beck. From there a project was born: to accompany him on the guitar at least in some performances. Said and done: they will also be together in Italy. The former Yardbirds announced that on the final date of his tour in Italy, July 21 at the Arena della Regina in Cattolica, Johnny will take the stage with him. It is assumed that there will be a song in the lineup: the two have already been close collaborators and have published the John Lennon cover “Isolation” in April 2020.

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