Johnny Depp to win a re-trial? The credibility of Amber Heard is questioned

Johnny Depp
Author: ERIC GAILLARD / AFP / East News

Johnny Depp does not intend to give up and after losing a trial with the British tabloid, he wants to apply for another trial. Amber Heard herself may unexpectedly help him in the appeal! The actor’s ex-wife is accused of not transferring the divorce money to the accounts of charity organizations, contrary to what she had promised. How does this relate to the Depp trial?

Fans Johnny Depp they see hope for the return of their idol’s winning streak. In the summer of 2020 after losing a lawsuit with a tabloid he named the actor “martyr”, from Deppa all old friends from the industry moved away, which meant the actor said goodbye to the roles in the following parts “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Fantastic Beasts”. Johnny’s career is in ruins, but the actor’s admirers and himself still see a chance for victory in the war against the tabloid.

Johnny Depp wants the court to reconsider his case. In the first trial, the main witness of the actor’s opponents was his ex-wife. The court found that Amber Heard’s testimony was credible, and Depp’s suit was dismissed. Fans of the actor, however, argue that his ex absolutely does not deserve credibility. This is evidenced by the failure to keep the promise Amber made when she divorced Johnny.

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Amber Heard didn’t return the money?

Amber Heard, parting with Johnny Depp, said that the divorce money would be donated to charity. The actress got a good sum – she got richer as a result of the divorce by $ 7 million. However, according to Depp fans, Amber hasn’t done it yet!

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Service Page Six quotes people from the environment Johnny Deppthat claim that the new information will be useful to the actor in court. If the actor lost in the first trial because the court found his ex’s words credible, the new facts should force the judge to take a more critical look at what he says. Amber Heard.

The judge thought she was a wonderful person, given her good-naturedness, but she lied

– people related to the actor convince. The actor’s lawyer repeated the same thing before the court. Meanwhile, Amber Heard representatives bounce the ball, claiming that their client has already made several donations to charity and plans to support other organizations.

Who do you think the court will believe this time?

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