Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Dakota Johnson Doesn’t Approve Her Name Being Mentioned During Trial | Cinema

During the process of Johnny Depp And Amber Heard which attracted the attention of the press for many weeks, a video starring Dakota Johnson it went viral all of a sudden.

It was a video from the conference of Black Mass at the Venice Film Festival which showed the actor talking about his severed finger to his colleague.

The clip went viral and prompted some Youtubers to make videos in the wake of titles like “The exact moment Dakota Johnson discovered that Amber Heard had been violent towards Johnny Depp“.

As he told Vanity Fair, Dakota Johnson she didn’t appreciate feeling somehow involved:

I thought, “For God’s sake, why? Why are they talking about me? I don’t remember anything like that, but keep me out of this story ”. Can you imagine, my God, if I was called to the stand? I can’t believe people saw the trial as a judicial drama, my heart is broken. It’s all so crazy, humans can be pretty weird, shit, and the internet is a crazy place.

He then avoided further commenting on the issue, limiting himself to talking about “cancel culture” and Twitter:

Being alive means finding your own way, it is wrong to hurt others and it has consequences. But the idea that the world of Twitter can decide at any moment that someone no longer exists is horrifying, poignant, and wrong. I believe this is bound to pass and people want to live in a better world. And then Twitter represents, what, 12% of the world? I mean, some of those people don’t even know how to write.

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