“Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard”: Netflix releases a mini-series on this hypermediatized trial

Since this Wednesday, August 16, Netflix offers its subscribers to discover a mini-series of three episodes on the defamation lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Very popular, this new release is already number one of the TV series watched on the streaming platform.

The mini-series “Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard” retraces the trial between the ex-spouses. Netflix specifies that the series collects “images, transcripts and recordings” of the ex-couple during the legal proceedings. She actually returns to this hyper-mediatized trial, dissecting the role of social networks.

This trial ended with both parties agreeing to appeal. Heard was ordered to pay the actor $10.35 million and the actor to pay him $2 million. But an agreement ended the court case.

According to Ciné Télé Revue, Amber Heard’s lawyers pointed to the harmful role played by social networks: “They demonized Amber Heard”, they denounced at the time. The lawyers wanted to point the finger at the campaign of hatred and cyberbullying of which the actress was the victim. With this series, Netflix allows fans to relive this story, surfing on its ever-increasing tendency to disguise news items into entertainment.

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