Johnny Depp, when violence is not just the female

The troubled divorce between the actors of Hollywood, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, back to talk of the delicate situation involving the two actors. They continue to fight at a distance, which lasts from 2016when the actress Aquaman she accused the former husband of physical and psychological abuse.

At the time of the statements, the actor has preferred to remain silent with respect to the allegations mossagli against by the wife. He devoted himself only to the career and the divorce from Heard it seemed that he had silenced the whole issue.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard - web image
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – web image

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the prelude to the war

Depp and Heard you know in the 2011 on the set of The Rum Diary – Chronicles of a passion. At the time Johnny was engaged to French singer Vanessa Paradis, with whom he had two children: Jack and Lily-Rose.

However, the knowledge overwhelming with Amber led to the terminal history with the Paradis and in the 2014 the two actors got engaged officially and convolano to a wedding in the next year with a private ceremony in West Hollywood before you go to the Bahamas

Johnny Depp and wife Amber Heard at the International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art of the Venice - web image
Johnny Depp and wife Amber Heard at the International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art of the Venice – web image

Apparently the two seem very much in love and it seems that their story is just like in the movies; this is when the Heard he confesses the abuse of her husband, the entertainment world remains stunned.

The allegations Heard against her husband

In the network begin to appear the images of Amber Heard with the swelling on the face, evidence of the blows suffered by Johnny Depp. A week later, Amber Heard asks for a restraining order, stating that:

“In the course of our relationship, Johnny was abusive verbally and physically towards me.”

The legal team Depp he replied, emphasizing how Amber Heard was trying to have a resolution that is cost effective from a divorce by inventing accusations of violence and abuse. So he released a video that shows the actor Hollywood highly agitated and aggressive attitudes.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp together - web Image
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp together – web Image

Public opinion seems willing to believe only Amber Hearddescribing Johnny like a monster. A position that, for the actor, it will mean in the future be expelled from the saga Pirates of the Caribbean and seeing put in doubt his participation in the franchise of Fantastic Animals.

New developments:

You open so another phase of this never-ending struggle in 2018when the plaintiff from the executioner claims to be the victim and was punched by his wife Amber in the 2016due to a delay for the birthday party.

Later In the same year, Johnny gives an interview to GQ in which for the first time speaks of the divorce, as he that hated to be described as a violent man. At this point Johnny Depp he decides to fight back in a legal way: report Amber Heard for libel, asking damages of $ 50 million.

ohnny Depp states that he was beaten by his wife - the web image
Johnny Depp claimed he was beaten by his wife – the web image

They begin to rain accusations on the part of Johnny Depp in relation to the ex-wife: 87 video surveillance, people called to witness to the (alleged) lies of Amber, including actor James Franco, who asked that his inclusion in the case was private.

Johnny Depp will tell also of the attacks suffered by the ex-wife: not only his fists already mentioned, but also with cigarette burns, throwing of blunt objects that behaved the risk of losing a finger to the part of the actor, as evidenced by the photos that depict the Hollywood star in the hospital.

Johnny Depp - the web image
Johnny Depp – the web image

Continue so that the various squabbles between the two ex-spouses up to the present. The The Daily Mail got some exclusive recordings that occurred during a couple’s therapy in which the two were assigned to try to solve their own problems.

In this first audio file you hear Amber Heard say:

“I am sorry I did not get hit in the face with a resounding slap. But I was hitting it, not you I was taking you to the punch. Honey, do not you have been punched in the face. I have not done evil to you. I got punched, I only hit”.

Amber Heard - web image
Amber Heard – web image

The dissemination of this first audio has driven the world of the network to change their opinion: if before it was natural to stand on the side of the Heardthe admission of the actress led to a small reversal of course. The second audio instead saw Amber be more concerned with its reputation.

“Please, go tell the people that it was a quarrel honest, and let’s see what the jury and the judge will think. Dìgli that you have been a victim of domestic violence”. Tell them, and let’s see how many people they will believe you or will be by your side.”

The audio recordings seem to complain the Heard -web image
The audio recordings seem to complain the Heard -web image

The feeling that emerges from these new audio is that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp they have had a dysfunctional relationship.

What do we think of the BRAVE GIRLS:

We decided to “dampen” and take care to follow this story because we believe that, behind all the Gossip about Hollywood, you can in the long mirror as much as you want, there is one important thing to say.

The antisessismo stands against the violence relational, regardless of gender of those who make them. It is an outlet of cross-sectional position, which rejects the idea of a victim and a perpetrator fixed. It unfortunately tends to identify often the woman is a passive figure, to be “saved”, always locked away in the role of victim. Deflection is the man to be “the hunter”, and then to plunder, to abuse, to dominate. This dichotomy is the daughter of the Patriarchate and destroys the nuances of actual reality. Not only that, affects women as much as men. But above all, it is not addressing the true nature of the problem: a dysfunctional relationship leads to behaviors that are toxic, the consequences of which are dangerous. The BRAVE is active against gender-based violence towards any gender is addressed. This is the judges and is, of course, to divide clearly the intricate dynamics of an abusive relationship, it is certain, however, that all violence is abuse. The violence, moreover, is both psychological and physical – for this reason we invite the victims of psychological abuses, not to feel “less”, never have the courage to denounce.


Those who abuse it doesn’t love youthere will love him, and will not change. It is not an executioner, does not exist, “monsters” is the kind of person who needs help, and denounces you’re protecting, but also allowing the other to receive the care that it deserves.
To allow those who have attitudes dangerous in your favour to improve and to protect your safety, mental and physical: reported.

About here is a deepening of the BRAVE here on the violence towards men.

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