Johnny Depp wins libel suit, Amber Heard’s future with the DC universe inevitably at risk

After two days, the jury issued a verdict: Amber Heard will have to compensate Johnny Depp. This puts her role in the DC world at serious risk.

More than a month into the Fairfax Virginia trial, the jury today reached a verdict: Johnny Depp triumphed, as it was Amber Heard who slandered him and now he will have to compensate him for 15 million (against the 50 requested).

The question is that many fans are asking themselves is one: what will happen now with the actress’s contract for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom? After all, the Jason Momoa movie was the star of this trial, from Johnny Depp’s testimony about how he helped Heard land the role (when they were still married) to plot spoilers.

With the release scheduled for May 2023, will Warner Bros. decide to replace the actress in time, or will it cancel her contact and not take advantage of the option to have her return in the eventual third film?

Last year, the manufacturer A.D Peter Safran explained that Warner Bros. has never assessed the “fan pressure” regarding Mera’s role in the film … but now the situation has completely changed, as a verdict has been issued following the trial against the actress. .

Considering the direct involvement of the president of DC Films Walter Hamada in the process, the possibilities of a recasting are absolutely to be taken into consideration.

Leaving aside a moral factor of course (Warner is the same company that turned Johnny Depp away from Fantastic Beasts), during the trial Hollywood agent Jessica Kovacevic explained that Warner she is not inclined to cast actors with a bad reputation in the press (obviously leaving out Ezra Miller, with whom they are trying in every way to overshadow his controversies).

As a result, now that she has been found guilty at the trial, the actress’s reputation will inevitably go downhill.

After all, Amber Heard it only has 10 minutes of scenes like Mera in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdomso shooting the same scenes with another actress or a little less than a year away, is a more than legitimate and feasible hypothesis.

It must also be taken into account that, by admission of Hamada himself, the chemistry that has been created between Amber Heard And Jason Momoa on the set of the first Aquaman she was very bad, which is why the major was already inclined to hire another actress with the second chapter.

Amber Heard managed to negotiate a contract nevertheless having not yet lost the case with Depp, but now she will hardly have the same power in Hollywood.

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