Johnny Depp won’t play Jack Sparrow. As many as 10 productions of “Pirates of the Caribbean” without it?

Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean
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Johnny Depp will probably have to give up his acting career. In fact, she had abandoned him. Due to the Amber Heard divorce scandal, Depp loses more roles. A few months ago it was said that Disney was resigning from him as Captain Jack Sparrow. Now there are details about the next parts of Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp will not find a place there!

Johnny Depp he has many great creations to his credit. The role of Captain Jack Sparrow is definitely one of them. When the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” was released in 2003, viewers fell in love with this character.

We could observe the adventures of Captain Jacek Sparrow in subsequent parts of the production. Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge was the fifth film in the series. And probably the last one we saw how Johnny Depp takes on the role of Jack Sparrow.

Divorce from Amber Heard ruined the actor’s career. Johnny Depp was hailed as a “mugjack” and the argument that the case was still pending did not stop producers from severing more contracts.

Johnny Depp he recently lost the role of Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts. As Jack Sparrow, he’s also finished.

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More parts of Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp

Information from a few months ago is confirmed. Disney does not intend to cooperate with the actor. And that means that Johnny Depp will not play Jack Sparrow anymore.

And he would have a lot of opportunities for this …

Daniel Richtman, who has repeatedly proved that he has reliable sources, reports that more parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean” will be created. It is known that Disney will shoot a female version of a pirate movie. Margot Robbie will be at the helm of the Women’s Pirates of the Caribbean. And this is just the beginning…

According to Richtman, in addition to the female spin-off, Disney is preparing up to 10 Pirates of the Caribbean projects. These will be cinematic films, but also series for streaming.

We still have to wait for the details. Although, don’t expect a surprise in the character Johnny Depp’s return

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