Johnny Hallyday “housewife”: the revelations of his former wife Babeth Étienne

If he is known as theone of the greatest French artists, Johnny Hallyday also knew how to manage daily life as a couple. It is in any case what revealed Babeth Etiennehis second wifehas Pocket TVduring an interview to be published on August 19th. “At the time, Johnny was in big trouble with the taxman, to whom he owed several million francs. He didn’t have a penny and the bank even took his checkbook away.”she first said.

She then explained that he therefore manages some household chores. “So, every morning, before leaving to shoot, I left him some money for him to do the shopping and prepare dinner. The roles were reversed, he was a bit of a housewife. It was cute”, she clarified. The 66-year-old actress recalled that she and the artist (who died in 2017) lived together in Saint-Tropezduring the 1980s.

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The women in his life

During his life, Johnny Hallyday married five times and had four childrenremember Marie Claire. He first lived an idyll of eighteen years with the singer Sylvie Vartan. Married in 1965, the two artists had a son, David Hallyday, in 1966. They divorced in 1980. The rocker then met Babeth Étienne in 1981. The lovers got married and separated a few months later.

It was in 1982 that Johnny Hallyday met the actress Nathalie Bayewith whom he will have a daughter: Laura Smet. Their relationship lasted two years. After several relationships, the singer married Adeline Blondieau in 1990. They had a tumultuous adventure until their final separation in 1995, recalls Vanity Fair. Finally, it was in March of the same year that the rock star took 20-year-old Laeticia Boudou as his wife. With her, he adopted two daughters: Jade and Joy Hallyday. His young wife, who became Laeticia Hallyday, remained by his side until his death in 2017.

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