Johnson’s knock-up? He started talking about Peppa Pig

Johnson likes to surprise the public, and he did so again when he spoke with UK business leaders at the CBI conference. The subject of the meeting was the prospect of economic development during the pandemic.

The Prime Minister was talking about Peppa Pig

At one point in his speech, the head of government began to make a sound imitating a car, lost the speech sheet and began to lose the plot. When he did not know what to say, he began to tell the audience about a trip with his son to the amusement park and Peppa Pig, who is the heroine of children’s fairy tales. Interestingly, on the example of Peppa, he referred to the successes of British business.

British commentators are wondering whether the form and style of the British head of government’s speech was appropriate. They indicate that the prime minister of the fifth largest economy should remember that he is no longer a journalist, but a serious leader,

Johnson, when asked to speak at the conference, replies that “it turned out well.”

Support for Poland

In mid-November, the head of the British government declared his support for Poland in the topic of the crisis on the border with Belarus.

– Great Britain stands in solidarity with Poland, the European Union has tightened sanctions against Belarus in connection with the migration crisis, which causes thousands of people to be stuck on the border with Poland – says the British Prime Minister, quoted by the Reuters Agency.

– In the case of Belarus and Russia, we show solidarity to our friends in Poland. We encourage everyone to work for peace and stability throughout the region of Europe. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends all over the region, with Estonia and Poland, we are there – he added.

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