Johny Depp collects Barbie dolls and Dolly Parton sleeps in makeup. These are the biggest quirks of the stars

Madonna is terrified of bacteria, Demi Moore loves stuffed monkeys, and Andrzej Grabarczyk started collecting various items as a teenager. This is how the various quirks for which the stars are famous were born. The list of fancy celebrity tastes is very long.

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Johny Depp collects Barbie dolls and Dolly Parton sleeps in makeup. Here are the biggest quirks of the stars

Dolly Parton sleeps in makeup in the event of an earthquake or other situation when she would have to leave home quickly. The country star refuses to cleanse her face before going to bed because she doesn’t want other people to see her sauté. In an interview with the “WSJ” magazine, she confessed that she performed her nursing routine in the morning, and makeup he tries to leave it overnight because he never knows if “an earthquake, tornado or storm is going to happen”.

Dolly Parton at the Grammy GalaDolly Parton at the Grammy Gala Jordan Strauss / Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

Britney Spears only accepts food that is made in the United States. While on vacation, the star reportedly rented a plane just to get her favorite mineral water.

Britney SpearsBritney Spears Chris Pizzello / Invision

Morgan Freeman always wears earrings worth several thousand dollars to pay for the coffin and funeral if he dies in a distant place in the world.

Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman Dan Steinberg / $ Dan Steinberg / PictureGroup / EAST NEWS

Madonna always places great demands on concert organizers. The artist refuses to use the same toilet seat twice. The plank has to be replaced every few hours in every bathroom that the star uses.

MadonnaMadonna Youtube / screen

Mark Zuckengerg in an email to CNN admitted that he has learned the secrets of sustainable management and animal husbandry and that he only eats the meat of animals he hunts. The creator of Facebook exposed this confession to animal defenders.

Mark ZuckenbergMark Zuckenberg photo: Facebook screen

Demi Moore is addicted to collecting stuffed monkeys to be found in shops and flea markets. The actress has already accumulated over 3,000 plays.

Demi Moore's turbulent storyDemi Moore’s turbulent story

Staying on the topic of collecting, it is worth mentioning that Johnny Depp is a fan of Barbie dolls. The actor has several dozen limited editions at home. His collection includes dolls with images of Paris Hilton, Beyonce and Marilyn Monroe.

Johny DeepJohny Deep Gazeta Agency

Anna StarmachAnna Starmach got to know the charms of motherhood. “You know it’s almost light at four o’clock?”

In Poland, there was a lot of talk about the unusual collection of Andrzej Grabarczyk, that is Jerzy from “Klan”. The actor collects spoons for shoes. The first spoon in his collection was a spoon from Szczytno, i.e. from the city where his parents met.

Andrzej Grabarczyk and his cup collectionAndrzej Grabarczyk and his cup collection Photo Albert Zawada / AG

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