Jojo Todynho gives a sermon to a follower after a nasty comment

The speech given by the singer Jojo Todynho at the Famous dance this Sunday (8) generated many comments on social networks; some positive, some negative. Owner of strong opinions, the funkeira decided to speak on the web about the followers who are making malicious surveys about her.

For those on the outside, the formerThe farm used his moment in Sunday to give a tug on the ear to young people who value technology more than family moments. She defended the importance of leaving the internet at times to pay attention to relatives.

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However, the speech did not please everyone. Some followers even demanded an academic training to give an opinion on the subject. Others were more mean. In her Instagram Stories, she vented about what happened and cited a provocative comment she received from a user.

“Then there was a cute girl, who said to me: ‘Do you think obesity is beautiful?’. Then I went to see that she was following me, and I went in direct, that she had a message for me. I went and answered her, then she deleted the comment, but I said: ‘do you think it’s nice to ask for money? Did you take money from the loan shark? Anyway, that’s it, wants to seal it and appear on a gossip page but it’s there”detonated.

jojo ended his sermon reinforcing the message he delivered live. She even said that she wants to be a mother as soon as possible so that her grandmother can meet her future great-grandchild.


The singer Jojo Todynho had an absurd moment in the Sunday with Huck aired this Sunday (8) when breaking protocol and justifying why his grandmother appeared without teeth on the program.

She said the show’s production had to rush to pick her up and didn’t give her time to find her dentures.

“My grandma forgot the rot and I thought they were going to xox me on the internet ‘ah she’s full of money and she didn’t give grandma teeth”she declared, provoking laughter from the audience.

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