Jojo Todynho poses with Neymar, Maluma and ‘pyre’ with Kim Kardashian

However, as Jojo Todynho is “root” and very irreverent, she did not fail to show that she is “people like us”. The singer met with Neymar Jr. in the first row of the parade, the opnde even joked: “Bangu turned…she said”, wrote the football player, when posting a video of Jojo.

The artist also took the opportunity to take a picture with Maluma and the model Alessandra Ambrósio and “freaked out” when she saw Kim Kardashian a few meters away from her at the show.

“Guys, Kim Kardashian is here. I am feeling bad. Look over there, for God’s sake,” she said while filming the businesswoman with her family.


Jojo Todynho was the special guest of ‘Mais Você’ last Friday (1). In the attraction, Jojo recorded a painting on the streets of Madureira, in Rio de Janeiro, where she heard people’s stories and gave her “direct” advice. As soon as the report ended and returned to Ana Maria Braga and the singer in the studio, Jojo Todynho received an invitation to have a painting in ‘Mais Você’, something that left her speechless.

“Are you inviting me to work with you? Do you want to kill me?” she began, her eyes filling with tears.

“In these five years working with the media, with the internet, I have seen how many opportunities God has given me, how many wonderful people God has put in my life, some stayed, others left, but I am grateful. Jojo is a construction of several people, I had people who gave me a little push, I have gratitude in my heart. I like dealing with people. I’m happy and I’m speechless,” she said excitedly.

love it or hate it

In the chat with Ana Maria Braga, despite her fame and spontaneity, Jojo Todynho said that not everyone loves her.

“People love me and hate me, but they can’t live without me. People look for a truth and when they find a person who talks, they say you are rude,” she said.

Jojo also added that God has blessed her a lot to get where she is.

“When I started posting videos, I slept with 10 followers and woke up with 100k. My friend said I was famous! God was blessing me, I was exploding, I met people who were important in my career, we start cycles and close. The reality show came, I was not going, I had refused several times, ”she said, talking about A Fazenda 12, a reality show that she won in the year 2020.

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