Joker, Cinema Evacuated for a Suspicious Man: It Was Feared He Had a Weapon


A man went to a screening of the Joker, in a Long Beach cinema, wearing a suspicious backpack and asking strange questions to the public, who left the room en masse.

The guard level around the Joker projections in the USA is still high: on Saturday night a suspicious man entered a Long Beach cinema and started asking questions to the spectators, who feared he had a weapon in his backpack.

The public decided autonomously to evacuate the room, calling the police who promptly went to the place and took the subject into custody, verifying however that there were no weapons in his backpack.

The fear of shootings during Joker’s screenings stems from specific precedents, from some themes covered in the film and a circular from the American army, which instructs the soldiers on the attitude to take in the event of attacks.

Despite the one that is taking on the characteristics of a real psychosis, Joker has totaled record revenues at the debut in theaters.

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