Joker, Joaquin Phoenix

Joker won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, beating J’Accuse of Roman Polanski, who won the grand jury prize.

Joker by Todd Phillips won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, beating Roman Polanski’s favorite J’accuse dedicated to the Dreyfus affair, which won the grand jury prize. The Coppa Volpi went to Luca Marinelli for his performance in Pietro Eden’s Martin Eden, while the Special Prize was won by Franco Maresco for La mafia is no longer what it once was.

Joker, the least cinecomic of the cinecomic, the one that has probably seen the most extreme reinterpretation of the starting character and that has moved further away from the pop-lacquered formula typical of the genre, has managed to become the tenth US production to obtain a Golden Lion at the festival of the lido , a sign that often those who are defined by the fans prejudices against the vein captured by the Marvel films are only the acknowledgment of how insignificant certain productions are at the level of cinematographic language.

However, let’s read the list of all the winners:

  • Golden Lion: Joker by Todd Phillips
  • Grand Jury Prize (Silver Lion): J’accuse by Roman Polanski
  • Directorial Award (Silver Lion): Roy Andersson with About Endlessness
  • Special Jury Prize: The Mafia is no longer what it once was by Franco Maresco
  • Coppa Volpi best actor: Luca Marinelli for Martin Eden
  • Coppa Volpi best actress: Arianne Ascaride for Gloria Mundi
  • Osella for Best Screenplay: Yonfan for 7 Cherry Lane
  • Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Emerging Actor: Toby Wallace for Babyteeth

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