Joker Is the Most Profitable Cinecomic of All Time


A step away from the billion-dollar box office milestone, the Joker has now become the comic-based movie with the best profit ever.

According to Forbes, with $ 304.2 million cash in the US and a total of about $ 957 million in the global box office, Todd Phillips’s film has in fact gained 15.3 times its production budget ($ 62.5 million) for becoming the most profitable cinecomic of all time.

Despite the lack of pressure from the Chinese market, which during the year played a fundamental role in the success of films such as Avengers: Endgame and The Lion King, the film that sees Joaquin Phoenix in the iconic villain has surpassed the results obtained from The Mask ($ 351 million / $ 62.5 million), Deadpool ($ 783 million / $ 58 million), Batman ($ 411 million / $ 35 million) and the most recent Venom ($ 854 million / $ 90 million).

After the performance below the expectations signed since the beginning of the DCEU, and in particular those of the troubled Justice League, DC Films and Warner Bros. return therefore on track first with the film based on the DC comics from the highest-grossing ever ( Aquaman ) and then with this project disconnected from the rest of the franchise.

If the film were to reach a billion dollars, which now seems increasingly plausible, Joker would become the only non-Disney / Marvel film to reach this milestone in the course of 2019. For more details, we refer you to our special on Joker, Aquaman, and Shazam: three films for the rebirth of DC Films.

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