Joker: Stephen Amell, a protagonist of Arrow, released a curious high-temperature commentary on the film with Joaquin Phoenix, from which he was positively impressed.

Joker is now in all the halls and even Arrow Amber star Stephen left a curious commentary on the film, after being in the cinema and expressing his astonishment and enthusiasm for the film.

Like so many other famous stars, Stephen Amell also published his commentary on his personal Twitter profile, leaving even a rather odd comment that clearly indicates his excitement about Joker: ” Have you ever felt so excited by a movie you want to shut up in a fridge to calm yourself? “

The comment of the actor attracted numerous comments from fans, who appreciated as he did the interpretation of Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Arthur Fleck, although some commented expressing more interest in the TV series Arrow than in the film by Todd Phillips.

The film by Todd Phillips is just over a week in theaters and is already a great box-office success, despite having triggered numerous controversies for the possible breath of violence that would have could bring along.

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