Jolanta Ogar-Hill: I would like to talk to the president, she introduced my wife

  • Jolanta Ogar-Hill said in an interview that her wife gave birth by caesarean section. “She was afraid of natural childbirth. Her mother took her births very badly” – she said
  • The Polish silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Tokyo also spoke about Zofia Klepacka, who is known for her controversial views. “From the beginning of our relationship, she knew that I was a lesbian. She never showed any aggression towards me. And I do not know what happened to Zosia that suddenly she started attacking LGBT + people with such aggression” – she said
  • Jolanta Ogar-Hill also told about the reaction of her parents to the fact that she told them about her orientation many years ago. “My mother hugged me tightly and reassured me that she loves me” – she said
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Jolanta Ogar-Hill and her wife Esperanza “Chuchie” Hill welcomed their daughter in the world at the end of November, but the information about the birth appeared publicly a month later. The girl, who was born in a hospital in Palma de Mallorca, was named Hunter Hope.

“My wife’s name is Esperanza, although everyone calls her Chuchie. Esperanza in Spanish means hope. There is also a tradition in Spain that a firstborn daughter is named after her mother. And now more than ever we need hope, especially in Poland, somehow it worked out beautifully with this name. And why Hunter? Chuchie is a fan of the movie »Paris, Texas«. There a heroine named Hunter appears. It could be a name for a girl and a boy. So we have our Hunter – Hope. In Poland friends will probably call her »Hanka« – revealed Jolanta Ogar-Hill in the latest interview for “Wysokie Obcasy”.

The Polish silver medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the 470 class regatta confessed that her wife gave birth by caesarean section. “She was afraid of natural childbirth. Her mother took her births very badly. There were also a few health issues, so we decided to get a caesarean. From the beginning to the end, I accompanied my wife in the delivery room. And it was amazing that I was the first The person who hugged Hunter to her chest. I hugged her for three hours. Chuchie couldn’t. After the surgery, she still had no power in her legs, “she said.

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Jolanta Ogar-Hill about a child

Jolanta Ogar-Hill confessed why they decided that it was the wife and not she who would give birth to the child. “The decision was simple. I am 39 years old, Chuchie is 41, so her biological clock was ticking faster. We decided to have a child while I was taking care of the Olympics, so it was her choice. If we decide to have a second child, then maybe I will give birth “- she said. She also said that they were also thinking about adoption. “We figured if there were any problems along the way, if Chuchie couldn’t get pregnant, then we’d think about adoption,” she said.

“Can you reveal where the semen came from?” the journalist asked. “I’d like to say, but for now I can’t. I’ll tell you privately, I can’t publicly. What we’ve lived through is so funny you can’t burn it. Chuchie is currently writing a comedy script about how we got pregnant. People are going to tear our sides apart. I have to keep it a secret for now, replied Jolanta Ogar-Hill.

The Olympian also revealed why she decided to talk publicly about her relationship with Chuchie and their child. “Chuchie is very emotional about all the news about the situation of LGBT + people in Poland (…) We both experience what is happening in the country very much. She persuades me to give interviews, to talk about us, because she cannot understand, that in the 21st century there is still a country in Europe that excludes people because of their sexual orientation, “she said.

Photo: AP Photo / Francisco Ubilla / East News

Jolanta Ogar-Hill and Chuchie Hill welcomed their daughter in the world

Jolanta Ogar-Hill about whether he will baptize his daughter

The Olympian confessed that she and his wife would not decide to baptize their daughter. She also shared a story. “First, because Chuchie is an unbeliever, and second, because I don’t know what I believe anymore. I’m lost. I had an older brother. He had an aneurysm in his brain. He died when he was 23. My mother and I went to see a priest. to order a funeral mass, and the parish priest said that he did not know if he was due to his brother because the priest did not see him in the church. Then something broke in me. How could he say something like that? ” – she said.

Jolanta Ogar-Hill: I would like to talk to the president

When Jolanta Ogar-Hill and Agnieszka Skrzypulec won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, they later met with the president. As she revealed in an interview with Ogar-Hill, she was tempted to later talk to Andrzej Duda about his statements about LGBT + people.

“I wanted to do it, but as it turned out that I only had a few minutes to exchange courtesy, I decided that it was pointless. That it would be necessary to sit down and talk to the president in peace. is too important Maybe he will read this interview? we are an ideology “- she said.

Photo: Tomasz Jastrzebowski / REPORTER / East News

President Andrzej Duda and Jolanta Ogar-Hill at the meeting with participants of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which took place on August 31

Jolanta Ogar-Hill about Zofia Klepacka

The Olimpijka also spoke about Zofia Klepacka, whose views are very loud.

“We have known Zosia for a long time and I did not know her on this side. From the beginning of our relationship, she knew that I was a lesbian. She never showed any aggression towards me. And I do not know what happened to Zosia that she started with such aggression. attack LGBT + people. We are in one frame, so I see Zocha as a good windsurfer, and that much (…) Zosia believes what she says. «That I’m okay, but the” others “are angry. I didn’t see the point in continuing this discussion. I’m really sorry that he considers LGBT + people an ideology, that he considers introducing sex education to schools as a threat to children, but what can I do? She has the right to have such views as long as she is not aggressive in social media “- she said. She also confessed that she receives a lot of support on a daily basis from the union, director, president and coach, as well as Agnieszka Skrzypulec, with whom she competes.

In an interview, Jolanta Ogar-Hill also revealed that at the age of 17 she realized that she was a lesbian, but she told her mother about it only when she was 21. She did not live with her parents then, but came home on weekends, as she said, with “a friend”. In the end, however, she decided to tell her mother that it was not a friend, but her girlfriend. “Tears shed. My mother hugged me tightly and reassured me that she loved me” – she said.

As she confessed in an interview, she did not want to tell her father. “He was a terrible homophobe and racist. I knew that with my father the topic would not get over, but my mother insisted: ‘He needs to be told!’ So I said. He was silent, no reaction,” she said. As Jolanta Ogar-Hill added, her father called her after a week and said: “I had to think about it. You are my daughter, I love you and everything will be OK.” After that, she no longer spoke to her father about her orientation. “These were his last words in this matter (…) He gave me as much as he could at that time. He died five years later,” she said.

Jolanta Ogar-Hill, before becoming a sailor, played volleyball for over 10 years. She performed at the Olympic Games three times: in 2012, 2016 and 2020. At the last event in Tokyo, together with Agnieszka Skrzypulec, she won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in regatta in class 470.

Jolanta Ogar-Hill does not hide that she is happily in love. The Polish Olympic athlete and her wife Chuchie Hill met a few years ago in Majorca. Chuchie was making a movie about sailing on a Spanish island. The ladies got married in Spain in 2018.

– It was easier for us because in Spain you can legally marry a person of the same sex. Therefore, we made use of this right and privilege. Of course, I am sad and sorry that my wife is not my wife in Poland. She is also not treated like my wife. I thought it didn’t affect me that much (…) – said Jolanta Ogar-Hill in 2020 in an interview with Tomasz Kalemba for “Onet Sport”.


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