Jolie, Travolta, Swayze, Przybylska: they played the role of the opposite sex [ZDJĘCIA]

The acting profession is tough but also exciting. Traveling around the world, “traveling” in time using a script and impersonating new characters are the tasks that are the dream of many people who are passionate about film. Although nowadays anyone can become an actor, only a small part of aspiring to this profession ultimately succeeds.

They are able to sacrifice a lot for the role. To reflect the character of the character he is playing, they decide to undergo all kinds of visual changeswhich will go down in the history of cinema for good. Some people shave their heads, color their hair, lose weight or gain weight. Often, when the scenario requires it, the men put on wigs, paint their nails and lips. On the other hand, there is stubble on the faces of the ladies and facial features changed with the help of makeup artists.

You remember the cult movie “Mrs. Doubtfire”? The main character, Daniel Hillard, works as a housekeeper in his ex-wife’s house to spend more time with the children he misses. Nobody has a clue who she really is because … she works in a female disguise as Mrs. Doubtfire. Of course, Robin Williams played the memorable role of the nanny.

In addition to Williams, a similar metamorphosis was also carried out, among others, by Angelina Jolie, Patrick Swayze, and John Travolta. We cannot forget about Polish artistswho, with their transformations, will forever go down in the history of our native cinematography. I am talking about unforgettable Marysia from the comedy “Wanted, Wanted”, in which he embodied Wojciech Pokora and Mirek, who in the movie “Golden Middle” she played Anna Przybylska.

Who played the role of the opposite sex for the purposes of the film? In order to recognize the actors in the photos below, you need to think a little. See the changes that will be remembered forever by viewers.

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