Jon Moxley: “I was an exemplary employee in WWE, but I had to endure many things”

Jon Moxley spoke about his statements about WWE in Talk Is Jericho after he left the company

All Elite Wrestling star Jon Moxley was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet. During the session, Moxley spoke about his statements in Talk Is Jericho after his departure from WWE, the reaction he received and the role of Renee Young in the story. Then his statements (transcript courtesy of Fightful ):

He talked about WWE’s lack of reaction to his statements in Talk Is Jericho

“I expected it. I expected it to be much worse. I assume that right now I am a non-pleasant person there, and it seems fine to me. But I just think I did everything right when I was leaving. I sacrificed my body for that company. I did everything, I did everything right.¬†I was an exemplary employee for them. But I also had to swallow a lot of shit. And I think it was fair to at least be able to tell my part of the story about these things in order to start from scratch. in Double Or Nothing. “

Renee Young didn’t try to stop her from saying anything in particular

“He didn’t give a shit. She is untouchable. She¬†is completely irreplaceable¬†in the position she works at right now. So there is nothing to fear about possible reprisals.”

Make sure you keep in touch with Roman Reigns

“You live in a bubble. You are busy. I mean, not quite. You are not so busy, just a little.¬†Every now and then I keep sending some message to Roman. But he is very busy. They are very busy in their bubble doing their things. and I’m busy too. “

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