Jonathan Majors (Creed III, Marvel) is featured as a longtime abuser

Once he graduated, Jonathan Majors soon found roles in series and films and became known to the public. In his recent projects, his behavior towards his co-workers must have been aggressive.

The magazine gives as an example the filming of “Devotion”, released in 2022. it must have made people cry Customer According to a member of the production team, The same source suggests that he enjoyed going after some who were too afraid to defend themselves. The filming of “Magazine Dreams” was also reportedly very eventful. He allegedly physically threatened some people and shouted at them several times.

Another production source took the actor’s side, saying they didn’t immediately realize he could be creepy and “that he was sorry for causing harm,

Jonathan Majors has often defended himself from these complaints by stating that he was an actor who put himself in difficult, “necessary” situations in order to present his characters as best as possible. But some people he has worked with and interviewed by Rolling Stone believe in his rationale.

,I’ve heard of actors who are interested in their characters and mannerisms but none who are violent or rude to their crew.“, says one of the anonymous people, before adding:”He was completely disrespectful and violent towards everyone… His behavior put all of us in a state of tension as we could not do our jobs properly for fear of getting hurt.,

A member of the production of “Magazine Dreams” came to his rescue. He states that the character played by Jonathan Majors “very lonely, isolated, hurt and most of all, angry“. For this reason, he believes that it is difficult for an actor to play such a character for several months. He nevertheless admits that he can be quick-tempered and angry at his colleagues. But he believes it’s because of his role, not his character.

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