“Jordan may say otherwise, this guy made her cry”

Capable of making life hell for his opponents as well as his teammates, Michael Jordan never really found himself in the role of victim. However, according to one of her former teammates, one of the men made her cry.

Given the humiliation their counterparts have endured on NBA floors, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some in tears. Michael Jordan In reality he had nothing to do with the emotional state of his opponents, whom he destroyed regardless of context. Thus many of them were able to submit to his law in a tremendous manner despite the presence of their families and loved ones.

Apart from his opponents, the great Bulls back never took it easy on his teammates. Described by the latter as a real tyrant in training, he showed a demandingness that was repulsive to more than one person. In such a situation, growing along with him can also be close to an ordeal and can bring tears to the eyes. But before all this, MJ was also inspired to cry in his career.

The little-known coach who made Michael Jordan cry

Before imposing his rules on the NBA circuit, Jordan did not have enough cred to do so as a college player. This also includes the American selection for the 1984 Olympic Games, which was led by a certain Bobby Knight. Group member Sam Perkins witnessed a shocking scene after the quarter-final win against West Germany. he tells siriusxm radio ,

Bobby Knight never really left us. He told Michael that he had never played so bad. And then, Jordan may claim to the contrary, Knight made him cry. After the game he cried because Bobby Knight told him, “You should apologize to everyone in this locker room.” » I myself waited for his apology because I thought he was going to do it. But he really cried.

His team’s top scorer with 14 points, Mike could also claim 4 rebounds and 3 assists in 23 minutes of play. However, his 6 lost balls as well as his poor shooting skills of 4/14 ultimately led to this compromise. of points from his coach. One of the most intense and unique episodes to come from Knight, according to Perkins, which was not surprising:

At the time, Leon Wood was a friend of Michael so he came to console him and said, “It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay.” »But the thing is, Bobby Knight was just trying to shake us. Even though we actually didn’t play that bad that day, he was just trying to wake us up for the next game because he knew anything could happen. This is how Bobby Knight coached.

Michael Jordan, winner of the Los Angeles Olympics with Team USA, nevertheless experienced one of the most painful moments of his career there. However, it is not certain that he would have the courage to admit to shedding tears under the pressure of Bobby Knight.

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