Jordan revealed the hall where he didn’t like playing: “It’s the worst place. There, there are fans…”

Able to shine against any team, Michael Jordan never seemed to be affected by the hostile environment that could accompany his away meetings. Yet, one spot in particular may have pushed him to his limits.

Apart from the Bulls, whom they have faced only six times in their already over-age form, no team has been able to keep them under 30 points for long. Michael Jordan In fact he holds a scoring record of over 30 points against every 29 other teams he has met in the NBA. Many of them even fell victim to even more aggressive cards against him, including in their bases.

Because yes, even though he could arguably count on the pricey benchmark when he was playing at the United Center, Chicago’s formidable rear didn’t necessarily get to shine. Over the course of his career, he has multiplied the onslaught of talent on the outside, without opposing players and fans being able to stop him. Suffice it to say that such a reference made no impression on him. in a wrong way.

Worst Move in the NBA According to Michael Jordan

In the league’s 15 seasons, Jordan has had time to become familiar with the various courts he rotates on night after night. It’s the same with the audiences of rival franchises, including the less welcoming ones. But when each of them presents its specialties, one day His Airness was asked to specify the name with which it was most delicate to compose. His response was as immediate as it was clear:

Toughest place to play? Utah. without doubts. This is the worst. There, the fans are on the edge of the pitch and they’re shouting all kinds of things you’re not used to hearing.

a clear allusion to the bad reputation of jazz fans, and Whose victim was also Russell Westbrook a few years back.

In any case, despite Jordan’s acknowledgment of the effect this had on the audience gathered at the old Delta Center, it is clear that he was able to resist it. And skillfully too. Thus, in his 19 regular season and playoff games played in Salt Lake City, Mike posted impressive averages of 33.3 points, 6.1 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game. Anyway, everything is relative!

In the rooms where he lived, if he often found himself the target of stormy receptions, Michael Jordan made jazz the most strenuous effort. Yet it was here that he won his last championship title in heroic fashion.

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