Joseph Quinn of “Stranger Things” really played “Master of Puppets” with the help of a young Metallica

The 80s are making a comeback thanks to Stranger Things!

After “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)“by Kate Bush released in 1985,”Master of Puppets” of the Metallica appeared in Spotify’s Global Top 50. This is thanks to an epic scene set in the Upside Down which features the character of Eddie Munsoninterpreted by Joseph Quinn.

If you were wondering: yes, it’s really the 29-year-old actor who plays the guitar in that scene!

Eduardo Franco, Joseph Quinn and Jamie Campbell Bower of Stranger Things at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards – getty images

Joseph Quinn has in fact said that the Duffer brothers – creators and writers of the series – have done so exercise for a long time: “They texted me asking if I could play guitar and I said yes. This happened when two, three months had passed since the start of the pandemic“he told Radio Times.

Then, a month later, they sent me the script and I exclaimed: ‘Are you serious?’ And they: ‘Yes’. So I bought myself a guitar and practiced maniacally for months until we shot“.

So it’s really him who plays, but with the help of some real experts: “I wanted to be realistic about what I could do. I’ve been playing guitar since I was little but I’m not that skilled. So I made it with most of the song but for the solo part we had a black guitar belt to help us“.

Who is this expert, “black belt guitar” who helped Joseph aka Eddie? His name is Tye Trujillois 17 years old and is the son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo!

Dad showed Tye’s name in the credits of Stranger Things in an Instagram post: “This is my boyfriend“he proudly wrote in the caption.

He also revealed the hand of Kirk Hammettthe mythical lead guitar by Metallicawho helped Tye to create the new version of the solo designed for the series.

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