Josh Duhamel and Mel Gibson bank robbers in a nanosecond in the movie trailer

The robbery film Bandit tells a real character and has a 70s look, in which Josh Duhamel and Mel Gibson duet beautifully. Today came the trailer, which is upbeat and a lot of fun. There is a true story behind it.

Unleashed and vintage at the right point, Bandit is an action and robbery film that will be released in the United States on September 23, debuting simultaneously in theaters and on streaming platforms. We can only judge it based on the trailer that was released today, but the actors are a guarantee. Furthermore, the story told is true, because the bank robber who is the protagonist is a real character: a man escaped from prison who answered the name of Robert Whiteman. The novel by Robert Knuckle “The Flying Bandit”which inspired the film’s script.

Bandit: the plot of the film

Directed by Allan Ungar, Bandit is also set in the 60s and 70s and shows us Robert Whiteman in the most glorious moment of his career as a scoundrel. In the film, the man robs a large number of banks, aided by his infallible older partner Tommy. Between one misdeed and another, Whiteman knows a woman named Andrea and he falls in love with it, hiding his true identity. Just when the two seem to be at the height of happiness, here is the patatrac.

Bandit: the cast and the trailer

In Bandit Robert Whiteman is played by Josh Duhamelwhich we have seen in the various Transformers and more recently in Yours, Simon. The sympathetic Tommyinstead, it has the face of Mel Gibsonwhile taking on the role of Andrew is Elisha Cuthbert. They also act in the film Olivia d’Abo And Nestor Carbonell.

The trailer for Bandit it is quite busy. We also note that, being the film in costume, the aesthetics refer to the 70s, making it resemble the great classics of an era that was truly sensational for American cinema.

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