Jovanotti replies to Professor Tozzi: “Absurd to make JBP an ecological target, we are the largest environmental initiative ever made in Italy”

Dear Prof Tozzi
the other day I called “econazis” those dangerous mythos who violently polarize the great question of ecology within small personal brands that are not accredited except by themselves and by the likes they have remedied at random. I called them econazis because they are, this idea of ​​absolute purity to be pursued at any cost is spreading in their posts (which are a new type of weapon) and in their direct and indirect squad threats. Exhibitionism, pathological narcissism and intolerance mixed with disinformation which is typical of obtuse and potentially violent ideological absolutisms. They have nothing to do with ecology, on the contrary, by polarizing the discussion underway, they make any progress impossible, and they do not deserve any response. None of them have ever come to see what we do, not even disguised as an umbrella!

Dear Jovanotti, this time you are wrong


I have been following your work as a scientist and popularizer for a long time and I remember when you defended our beach parties in 2019, so I don’t understand what has changed in the meantime. Just as in 2019 everything was done well in collaboration with WWF (I don’t have specific skills, they do), even better. We have all the permits of the competent local, regional and national authorities. A long work of monitoring and research by the national WWF who coordinated a team of technicians and experts, sounded every square meter and evaluated all the issues so that everything always took place in areas without ecological criticality of any kind. We have worked a whole year to study and then apply all possible solutions in terms of waste collection, elimination of non-compostable materials, preventive and post-event cleaning, even sound frequencies, attention to detail, public involvement on sustainability issues. , compliance with the law. I really, for what I have been able to verify and trusting experienced people who support us in this adventure, I have nothing to regret. I admit that I have no authority on the matter, which is why I asked WWF to assist us in the project by taking care of all the research and any critical issues.

The beaches where we play are popular places always full of people (if it were for me the beach of Budelli you write about and the like should be made unapproachable, like merry at the Louvre, look don’t touch). “Ours” are urbanized places, they are areas where bulldozers pass us almost every morning from May to October even without JovaBeach. We also take care of them well and when we leave they are better than how we found them. We never go, not even once, to places where there is the possibility of nesting of the refectory or the presence of caretta caretta or other protected animal or plant species. I care about the fratino, I think I am one of the three Italians who knew of its existence before 2019 when we brought it to the headlines. Whoever writes phrases like “JBP destroys natural environments” has never produced any supporting evidence and does not know what a natural environment is. When I asked WWF if it was true that we had leveled natural dunes for JBP, they showed me documents certifying that the natural dunes on the beaches where we play have not been there for decades and often never existed, and before the construction of artificial breakwaters there was not even the sand: the beach of Lido di Fermo is no longer “natural” than hyde park or the lawn of San Siro.

The point professor is that we should take care of everything, without distinction.

We invited them to come and see, the doubters, I can also provide them with earplugs if their problem is to listen to “the navel of the world” in the company of well-behaved people, risking even to start dancing. This anger of some social profiles towards our party has something that does not fully convince, something viral, I am afraid it has also influenced his point of view as a scientist.

Not even one of the investigations carried out to verify if there was anything true in the accusations of some environmental militants found anything illegal or critical of any kind.

Making JBP an ecological target is simply absurd, because the truth is that we are the largest environmental initiative ever made in Italy. In the coming months WWF with the finances made available by Intesa San Paolo will carry out an ecological cleaning and restoration project of 20 million square meters of at-risk environments in the country. You have to burn me in the square for me to stop supporting what I’m telling you: our parties are good and well done.

None of those who criticize us have ever seen what we do, not even you, we should at least see what happens in a day. Nobody!!!! they make photomontages, publish old photos that have nothing to do with us, talk haphazardly, put together some prejudices and spit poison at random, polluting a huge issue that needs instead inclusion, seriousness, study, clarity, interest, real motivation, enthusiasm for the possible future. They would be more honest to say that humans dancing under the sun are on their balls!

I am not an enthusiast believe me, I have been here for a lifetime as a pop artist and I do not consider myself a cynic, I trust science and people entitled to speak, I see my audience in front of me every time I play and I see vitality, I do not see destructive hordes, on the contrary creativity is staged, the joy of a day of celebration in an environment full of meaning and sense.

This “holy inquisition” gloom that someone wants to instill in the environmental theme using JBP is especially counterproductive for the environment. There is a need for projects and substance, truth, seriousness and inclusion.

You Prof Tozzi are serious, you are someone who knows things and also knows how to communicate them, I invite you to see for yourself what we do, wherever you want, I also offer you fresh fruit in compostable containers, or a beer at sunset if you want .

Thanks for your attention.


I am well aware of the fact that no clarification or demonstrated evidence will scratch the arrogant and arrogant surface of those who use the environmental issue to give themselves (unhealthy) airs. I, like you and the vast majority of fact-conscious people, care about the truth and the possibility of progress, as well as the many who attend our parties.

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