“Jovic can do even better. Rejoicing? He’s a sensitive boy”

Fiorentina: the words of Italian

“The boys confirm that they always have this ability to react to negative and not exceptional results, they have this strength and today they confirmed it, even if once again we gave away a goal. Reacting and overturning the match is a great gift. We did it. a great match, we could have scored more goals, we’re happy, also because it wasn’t easy to react to a defeat that hurt us, I’m happy with the players. “

About Jovic

“It’s not easy after so long that you don’t have minutes in your legs, you don’t play continuously. We knew we had to wait for him and be patient, he is paying us back with goals, but he can do better in terms of physical strength, the ability to link the game and today he could also score a few more goals. It has room for growth. We are happy because he returned to scoring and this is important. “

Any whistles for his exultation on leaving the pitch?

“He is a sensitive boy, he suffered from this beginning, he applauded at the exit … I think it was not his polemical gesture, but only to try to have those extra incentives to do what he has in his head, that is to do goals and make people happy “.

On the outside

“I asked them to try to support the striker who is often surrounded by opponents, to try to send in the outside strikers, to work in amplitude with the full-backs … During the course of the game many things can vary. Today Barak played three roles, we try to have more people inside the area, more solutions and if they store it we will have more solutions from game to game, it also depends on the opponents we face. We are reaping some fruit, we are trying to give a hand to these forwards “.

On victory

“We scored a few games where we could have scored more points, so expectations have risen and people are demanding what we can give, in conditions of great serenity and a clear mind. We can give something different to these people, especially in the league. where we had a lot of bad luck. We create, but we miss incredible goals, we need to improve, every shot we concede. We know that the public gives us that extra boost, we will try to recreate the enthusiasm that was there last year “.

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