JSK: Sidi-Salah, 9th free player

Goalkeeper Yassin Sidi-Salah is in 9th placeI Players leaving JSK this season following Mohamed-Lamine Ouattara, Redouane Zherdoum, Juba Okassi, Lys Benyoucef, Mohamed Guemroud, Abderrahmane Medjadel, Yassin Guenina and Fateh Talah, who terminated their contracts with the Yellow and Green.

Former ES goalkeeper Ben Aknoon had his contract terminated yesterday afternoon. Sidi-Salah, invited by the leaders after the last match against CRB, postponed his meeting with them after his trip to France, where he spent his holidays. Returning to the country on Saturday, the now-former JSK goalkeeper went to the club’s headquarters in Tizi Ouzou yesterday afternoon to terminate his contract after reaching an agreement with manager Brahim Zafour. He accepted the offer of the officials and ended his contract amicably. The club’s decision makers found it useful to release Sidi-Salah this summer and before the expiry of his contract, which tied him to JSK until 2026 due to his performances during the previous season being deemed too average. so it’s 9th The player who leaves the club this summer and 2 moreI The goalkeeper after the official departure of Abderrahman Medjadel.

he took a check for 6 months

Although he was under contract with JSK for the next three seasons, Yassin Sidi-Salah agreed to terminate his contract amicably and without demanding compensation. According to our source, JSK leaders offered Sidi Salah to pay 6 months of his unpaid salary in exchange for his release letter. The Bejia native took a 6-month check, as was the case with central defender Fateh Talah, who also had his contract terminated.

“I will always be loyal to JSK”

Contacted by us just minutes after his contract with JSK expires, Yacine Sidi-Salah tells us that he will always be associated with the club despite his departure. “JSK is my heart club. I fulfilled my childhood dream of wearing his jersey. Sidi-Salah told us, I am and will always be a supporter of this great club which is the best in Algeria.

“I only keep the good times”

Invited to evaluate his career during the two seasons he played at JSK, the Timezrith native admitted that unlike his first season where he performed well, the second was a failure for him. “I am happy with what I showed in my first season, but not in the second season. I had both good and bad times, but I only have the best memories.”

“I have not yet decided about my future destination”

Regarding his next destination, Sidi-Salah says he has received some contacts from Ligue 1 club Mobilis and some contacts from abroad, but will take his time before making a decision. “I haven’t decided my next destination yet. I have had some contacts from Ligue 1 Mobilis clubs and I also have contacts abroad, but I will take my time in choosing my future destination.

“I hope to return one day”

In conclusion, Yacine Sidi-Salah does not hide his desire to one day return to JSK and try another experience with Algeria’s most successful club. He concluded, “Destiny wanted me to leave JSK this season, I hope to come back one day to wear the shirt of this great club again.”

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