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market Mexican Football League Signing Even though the first game is over, the competition continues to rage on Ends 2024.This Tuesday we can report Juan Escobar is getting details on arrival in Tolucathe team that signed the Paraguayan from Cruz Azul to the Pumas, who until this afternoon were in the best position.

If Juan Escobar leaves Cruz Azul, where will he play?

Our reporter Carlos Rodrigo Hernández confirmed to sources close to the operation that Toluca is finalizing details accomplish Hire Escobar Paraguaychanted by fans blue cross on Saturday as a measure to put pressure on new coach Martin Anselmi.

Information from our colleagues indicates Gallos Blancos del Querétaro also contacted Ask the South American player’s agent if he’s willing to defend his colours, but for now, it’s Toluca’s offer is the one that satisfies Juan Escobar the most He continued his career in Mexico.

What foreigner would leave Toluca to sign Juan Escobar?

The only obstacle that currently exists is that the Red Devils need to give him Get started quickly to some of its elements Not trained in Mexico for release square Required before registering the machine.

According to this reporter’s confirmation, The foreigner set to leave Toluca is forward Pedro RaulThe Brazilian only arrived in mid-2023 and his future will be with Corinthians in his country’s league, so exits are being made at an enforced pace.

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What did Juan Escobar do?This is why he will leave Cruz Azul

Although he was the captain of the Machine last term and is part of the team that will break a drought of more than 23 years in 2021, Juan Escobar leaves Cruz Azul for direct conflict With the new technical director Argentinian Martin AnselmiThe footballer’s “moral character” was allegedly called into question.

Unofficial versions indicate Escobar would blame Anselmi Want to remove him from the team to be able to Bring some other foreigners with you who can “do business” with you Gaining money from signings can spark tense discussions between the two roles, leading to defenders being forced out.

Juan Escobar bids farewell to Cruz Azul and his fans

Only on Monday we have Juan Escobar’s first words after overcoming problems with Anselmi The player thanked the fans for their love in what clearly sounded like a farewell to La Noria.

The truth is (I took away) the favorAs I said they always welcomed me very well from day one and no matter what happens I will leave…if I leave I won’t guarantee anything but if I leave I Won’t leave with them I won the championship but I’m leaving happy because of the love I got from the people and that’s the most important thing…the truth is this will hurt me But, as I told you, I still don’t know what’s going to happen, I still need to talk and then we’ll see. “he claimed.

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