Juan Orlando Hernandez’s family raises money for national defense

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Since the extradition of the former president in April 2022, they have been using social networks as a tool, his wife and daughters announced, Fund raising Pay defense costs Juan Orlando Hernandez in your next judge exist New YorkUSA.

Through the video, former first lady Ana García de Hernández asked for donations through the GoFundMe platform, where they launched a campaign called “Help us prove John’s innocence.” activity.

“For those of you who see me today, I’m asking for your help: We need to hire an additional defense team to support Juan Orlando and Attorney (Raymond) Colon,” the former first lady said.

JOH’s defense to review evidence against him ahead of New York trial

“We ask for your support, whatever the amount, to strengthen the defense of Juan Orlando,” he added, arguing that it was a cause of “justice and truth.”

Arguments for raising funds

Garcia recalled that her husband’s defense recently requested an extension of the trial date (originally scheduled for February 5), citing the need for more time to review late documents from the prosecutor’s office and due to health issues with legal representatives. , Raymond Colon. But it was also due to a lack of funds to hire another attorney, and despite attempts to find a public attorney according to the former president’s family, Judge Kevin Castell did not grant any of those requests.

The Honduran wife lamented that while her husband lacked a defense, the prosecution (the prosecutor’s office) had “millions of dollars and hundreds of people to prepare for this trial.” He was sure it left him defenseless.

Furthermore, in their description of the collection, they determined that the former president, known as “JOH,” had no financial resources because the collection was confiscated from him.

“Most of their assets were inherited from their parents, and the assets Juan Orlando and his wife Ana spent more than 30 years building were confiscated or insured (about two years ago), leaving them without the resources they needed “Able to pay for Juan Orlando’s legal team,” they insisted in a text that was also translated into English for donors who only speak that language.

How is the event going?

The petition was created on the platform to fund me Two days ago, Friday, January 12, and by 1:31 pm on Sunday, January 14, it had reached $5,698 (over 140,000 lempiras)

Individual donations range from $5 to $1,000 and are made by identified and anonymous users.

drug trafficking trial

Juan Orlando Hernández, from Lempira in western Honduras, ruled the country for eight years, two consecutive terms, after being re-elected in a questionable electoral process.

His tenure in the administration was from 2014 to 2018 and 2018 to 2022. During those years, he claimed to have an anti-drug-trafficking government, but at the same time he led a powerful drug-trafficking operation under his brother, former deputy Juan Antonio “Tony” El Juan Antonio ‘Tony’ Hernández is serving a life sentence plus 30 years in prison in the United States.

Former administrator of “Tasón”: “I received instructions from JOH”

During his brother’s trial, several Honduran drug traffickers accused Juan Orlando of drug trafficking, but he always maintained that these were false statements and motivated by retaliation for their extradition.

But on February 16, 2022, just days after leaving office, Juan Orlando was arrested and extradited in April. He has since been charged with multiple crimes, including conspiring to import drugs into the United States.

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