Juan Soto, Yankees reach record deal and avoid salary arbitration

The Dominican player reached the highest salary for an arbitration-eligible player in history, breaking the record set by Shohei Ohtani.

Juan Soto and his new team, new york yankees, an agreement has been reached that prevents the Dominican outfielder from going to salary arbitration in his final year of eligibility. According to currently public information, Juan Soto The fee for the 2024 season will be $31 million, breaking the $30 million mark set for the 2024 season. Shohei Ohtani Regarding the 2023 season, he said Jeff Passan of ESPN.

There has been talk since last year about whether Soto might impose a new markup on the money he earns to avoid salary arbitration, thanks to his role in Major League Baseball.

Soto comes from san diego padres The road to change, from a year under his leadership major league He reached 132 plate appearances for the third time in his career. He has a .275 batting average, .410 on-base percentage (OBP), .519 slugging percentage (SLG), and a .930 OPS. In addition, he set a personal best with 35 home runs and batted in 109 hits, and he had the second-highest total of his career with 156 hits.

Soto Ranked 6th in voting for this award most valuable Player of national leaguehe won an award silver bat (Third time in a row) and was invited to participate in his third star game for several years in a row.

News that the two parties have reached an agreement yankees and Soto That’s good news for teams looking to extend players’ contracts after their current rookie deals end. However, the player made it very clear that any talks about a contract extension would have to go through his representatives.

They know where to call and who to talk to.he said, referring to the agent Scott Boras. “I’m just here to play baseball” the Dominican said during a press conference briefing the group.

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