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Be very careful, use all tweezers and hot cloths, and have lots of perspective. Here’s How You Have to Read the 17 new declassified court documents released by Judge Loretta A. Preska on January 8 of this year (after nearly 200 more were served) that relate to The network of abuse established by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine concerned Maxwell in the early and mid-2000s. On Monday, the judicial petition came to light…

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Be very careful, use all tweezers and hot cloths, and have lots of perspective. Judge Loretta A. Preska on January 8 released 17 new declassified court documents related to the abuse network established by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine. It was only after nearly 200 copies were delivered. Maxwell in the early to mid-2000s. On Monday, judicial petitions, email exchanges, photos and some victim statements have come to light, which – always very cautious because of their origins – include explosive accusations and unsubstantiated circumstantial testimony against Epstein. Some people in the circle.

Some of the documents speak of former US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as businessman Richard Branson and the ubiquitous British Prince Andrew, the third son of the late Elizabeth II and King Charles The third brother.

Of the 17 documents, two are the most important, albeit for different reasons, but have one thing in common: Sarah Ransom, a woman who claimed to be a victim of the conspiracy, Several of her friends were also victims. However, she herself walked back her remarks several years ago. As such, these texts receive special attention, with strong accusations against key figures.

In Document No. 7, the first 29-page document, Ransome provided his testimony and provided documents and photos about his experience. In the pictures on page 29 you can see Ghislaine Maxwell (alone or with French model agent Jean Luc Brunel, who is in Paris Suicide in prison while awaiting trial), Epstein rode his quad bike or with friends and alleged victims, very young women. They were all on the tycoon’s Little St. James Island, circa 2006.

Here Ransome talks about how a number of very young girls took turns providing massages (code for non-consensual sex) to Epstein and his associates at Maxwell’s behest. The complainant stated that she and her friends tried to escape and hide on the island (or even swim) to avoid being called.

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Jeffrey Epstein on Little St. James Island in 2006.United States District Court

Ransome explained (and repeated it in many interviews over the past decade) that he got into the network because he was studying in Edinburgh and, unable to pay his tuition fees, took his last savings to New York to try and make connections. She was able to study at the city’s famous fashion school, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where she met Maxwell and Epstein. They will help her get in and pay until she becomes one of their sex slaves.

According to them, the couple always recruits “girls from very poor families and they provide them with accommodation, food, transportation, private jets…” and they also pay for their school fees, which is why they stay : “So if I didn’t maintain my relationship with Jeffrey, I would be living on the streets, starving in New York, and my dream of training in one of the best fashion centers in the world would be shattered.” She claims to be in Testify before a judge so her story can be known and the abuse put an end to it. However, the defendants consistently accused Ransome of making up the story for financial reasons.

The most subtle issue arises in the penultimate document, Document No. 16. It contains Ransome’s most explosive testimony, in which he accused Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and businessman Richard Branson of being part of Epstein’s network of clients and engaging in sex with minors. However, it was these statements obtained from Ransom’s emails that were exposed by Epstein’s lawyer, Professor Alan Dershowitz, as examples of lies and victim disbelief.

“The request to disqualify these emails is to challenge Ms. Ransom’s false and defamatory allegations that, among other things, she had a sexual relationship with the intervenor when she was 23 years old. These allegations are completely false. Dershowitz The professor never met or had contact with her, was not her attorney, and certainly never had sexual contact with her. I had never heard of Mrs. Ransom prior to this operation. His testimony was a fabrication. . “Ransom’s testimony also contained a number of other inflammatory remarks about the sexual proclivities of Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and other celebrities,” it wrote.

In fact, the following remarks are inflammatory. Sarah Ransom claims her emails have been hacked, she has spoken to Russian media and she has images and, most importantly, videos: ‘I will make sure the entire planet sees these photos and recordings, I Will publish them on WikiLeaks! “I alone can bring down Epstein and his bunch of bullshit cronies! “Clinton and Trump must pay for what they did to us, and so must everyone else involved in this sordid inner circle. “

Jean-Luc Brunel and Ghislaine Maxwell, 2006.United States District Court

The complainant did not speak in the first person when referring to the abuses that may have been committed by this group of powerful men, but referred to “a friend” telling her her version and, therefore, this was not a first-hand account . “My friend has had sex with Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew (UK) and Richard Branson, and in fact the sex tapes were all filmed alone… In the end I managed to convince her to send me some of the videos Images, which have always preserved my perspective.”, implicating these three people… I have made backup copies of the recordings on several USB drives and sent them securely to various locations in Europe. “

However, in a long article new yorker In 2019, journalist Connie Bruck claimed that Ransom himself revealed to her that the quotes did not exist. “Ransom told me that he invented the existence of these recordings to draw attention to Epstein’s conduct and to make him believe he had ‘evidence of what would have happened if he had harmed me,'” Brooke said.

Another of Ransom’s accusations — which, we must not forget, was used at his trial and considered exaggerated — was a scathing attack on former President Donald Trump: “[Another]friend …Donald Trump, one of the many girls he had sex with…he trusted me friendship Casual with Donald. Trump seemed to have feelings for her and told me he kept talking about how he liked her nipples. Donald Trump liked to touch and suck her nipples until they were stiff. One night, while we were in the shower together, she showed me her nipples. They looked so painful, red and swollen, and I remember grimacing as I looked at them. “I also knew that she frequently had sex with Trump at Jeffrey’s New York mansion because I once had coffee with Jen just before she was set to meet with Trump and Epstein at his mansion. “

As the judicial brief reads, excerpted from an email from Sarah Ransom, for this group of lawyers, “Ransome’s credibility was fatally appreciated.” “So, only The deposition transcript alone leaves an incomplete impression and therefore creates a false impression of Ransom and his outrageous claims.”

Currently, no one involved has commented on the matter except for Branson’s spokesperson, who mentioned that the victim was killed in 2019. New Yorker: “Ransom admitted that he invented the existence of the tape. We confirm that their claims are baseless and without any basis.”

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